APLEX AEx Panel PCs: Rugged and Reliable ATEX Certified Panel PCs for the Oil and Gas Industry


Aplex AEx Series: Certified Industrial PCs : Solutions designed to meet computing needs in the toughest of environments

If you’re in need of reliable computing solutions for deployment in a potentially hazardous environment, then the chances are the  APLEX AEx Series range of Panel PC’swill meet your exact needs.

Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, these ATEX certified devices are built to withstand the majority of harsh conditions, ably combatting vibration, shock, corrosion – and exposure to gas, vapour and powder / dust.

TFT Display Size Selection

The APLEX AEx Series offers a range of TFT LCD sizes to suit your specific requirements. Choose from either 15″, 16″, 19″ or 21.5″ display panel sizes to ensure perfect visibility for your running your applications.

APLEX AEx Panel PCs 7 Zones

Additionally, the AEx Series provides sunlight-readable projected capacitive touch displays. The responsive touch interactivity ensures accurate input even in challenging lighting conditions.

Certification for peace of mind in operation in hazardous environments

Coming with ATEX Zone2, Zone22, IECEx, and C1D2 certifications – you can entrust your faith in the AEx Series meeting stringent standards for safety and reliability in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Computing performance where & when you need it

Systems can be provided with Intel’s Core 6th i5/i3 processors (AEx-9XXAP(H) series) or Celeron N2930 (AEx-8XXP(H) series) – delivering the performance you need to run any level of demanding industrial application.

APLEX AEx Panel PCs 1 SUS316 Stainless Steel

Wide ranging DC power input range

The APLEX AEx Series supports DC 9~36V power input to ensure compatibility with various power sources commonly found in industrial environments – or even environments where voltage supply can fluctuate.

Flexible Mounting

The APLEX AEx series offers both VESA and panel mount options to suit your installation environment.

Intuitive Touch Display

Experience effortless interaction with the APLEX AEx series’ sunlight-readable projected capacitive touch display. Its smooth, responsive touch technology ensures ease of use and accurate input, even in challenging lighting conditions.

APLEX AEx Panel PCs 5 Sunlight
APLEX AEx Panel PCs 3 Modular Design

Modular design for ease of maintenance & low cost of ownership

The AEx Series incorporates a modular design to make maintenance & system upgrades straight forward, efficient – and cost of ownership as low as possible  Replace components as needed  – or add larger or smaller TFT displays suit a change of computing needs….

Waterproof Protection

With IP66 grade waterproof protection and M12 connectors, the AEx Series is perfectly enabled to withstand exposure and ingress of liquids and moisture.

APLEX AEx Panel PCs 2 IP66 Grade Waterproof M12

Durable and corrosion Resistant

Featuring a full flat bezel and fanless design, the APLEX AEx Series is built for reliability. The SUS316 stainless steel construction provides excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting operation for many years to come.

Application deployment areas for the AEx Series

The versatility and robustness of AEx Series C1/D2 certified panel PC’s make them indispensable in a wide range of industries, especially those where reliability and performance – combined with the utmost of safety are paramount

  • Oil and Gas Industry: ATEX certified panel PCs are specifically designed to meet the computing needs of the oil and gas industry, providing reliable and rugged solutions for hazardous environments.
  • Chemical Manufacturing: With their certifications for potentially explosive atmospheres, ATEX certified panel PCs can safely operate in chemical manufacturing facilities, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and efficiency.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: ATEX certified panel PCs are essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments where precise control and monitoring of equipment and processes are required, while also complying with stringent safety regulations.
  • Mining Operations: Panel PCs with ATEX certifications are well-suited for the mining industry, where they can withstand the harsh conditions and potentially explosive atmospheres found in mining operations.
  • Petrochemical Industry: ATEX certified panel PCs are widely used in the petrochemical industry to support critical operations and facilitate real-time monitoring and control of processes, ensuring safety and efficient production.
  • Food and Beverage Production: In food and beverage production facilities, ATEX certified panel PCs are vital for maintaining hygiene standards while operating in potentially explosive atmospheres, ensuring compliance and productivity.
  • Waste Management: ATEX certified panel PCs can be applied in waste management facilities to monitor and control processes, such as waste treatment and recycling, while adhering to safety regulations.
  • Power Generation: ATEX certified panel PCs play a crucial role in the power generation industry, enabling reliable control and monitoring of power plants in potentially explosive environments, ensuring safety and efficient operations.
  • Transportation and Logistics: In the transportation and logistics sector, ATEX certified panel PCs are used for tracking and managing operations involving hazardous materials, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Manufacturing Processes: ATEX certified panel PCs are utilized in various manufacturing processes, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, to control and monitor critical operations in hazardous environments.

The versatility and robustness of ATEX certified panel PCs make them indispensable in a wide range of industries, where safety, reliability, and performance are paramount.

APLEX AEx Panel PCs 2 IP66 Grade Waterproof M12

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APLEX AEx Panel PCs: Key Features

  • ATEX Zone2, Zone22, IECEx and C1D2
  • Size 15”, 16”, 19”, 21.5” LCD
  • Intel Core 6th i5/i3 processor (AEx-9XXAP(H) series)
  • Intel Celeron Processor N2930 (Aex-8XXP(H) series)
  • Wide range DC 9~36V Power Input
  • Support Panel Mount & VESA Mount
  • Support Projected Capacitive Touch
  • Full Flat Bezel and Fanless Design
  • Modular Design
APLEX AEx Panel PCs: Key Features

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