Commell MPX-24794S: Mini-PCI Express 16-bit GPIO, SPI & I2C Module

Commell MPX-24794S: Mini-PCI Express 16-bit GPIO, SPI & I2C Module

Commell MPX-24794S: mPCIe 16-bit GPIO, SPI & I2C Module

Understanding the Features

When we talk about the feature-rich Commell MPX-24794S, there are three primary functions we need to understand: SPI, 16-bit GPIO, and I2C. These features are what make the module exceptionally versatile for a wide range of applications.

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI):

SPI is a synchronous serial communication interface used for short-distance communication, primarily in embedded systems. It enables a master device, in this case, the Commell MPX-24794S, to communicate with one or several slave devices over a common bus. Key attributes of SPI include:

  • Full Duplex Communication: Allows for data transmission and reception simultaneously.
  • High Speed: The SPI on the MPX-24794S supports a 1MHz clock frequency, which is quite suitable for most devices that do not require ultra-high-speed data transfer.
  • Multiple Device Connectivity: With the ability to connect up to five SPI slave devices, it offers a flexible setup for a variety of configurations.

16-bit General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO):

GPIO pins are the bread and butter of any microcontroller or digital circuitry, extending its reach out into the world of switches, LEDs, and sensors. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Programmability: Each pin can be individually programmed as an input to receive data or an output to send a signal.
  • Flexibility: With 16-bit width, you have significant room for managing numerous devices or reading a variety of inputs simultaneously.
  • Wide Applications: Useful in almost any situation where the computer needs to control or sense the outside world.

Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C):

I2C is another form of serial communication that is used for connecting low-speed devices like microcontrollers, IO devices, and other similar peripherals in embedded systems. Its distinct features include:

  • Two-wire Interface: Utilizes only two wires for communication, which helps in reducing the complexity and cost of the connections.
  • Multimaster Support: Multiple controllers can be connected to the same bus and communicate with any number of slave devices.
  • Speed: The module supports standard mode with a 100 kbps data rate, balancing speed with resource requirements effectively.

All of these features make the Commell MPX-24794S an adaptable module for a variety of applications requiring dependable and precise control over peripheral devices. Whether you are dealing with industrial automation or developing solutions for retail and educational technology, the versatility offered by SPI, 16-bit GPIO, and I2C within the MPX-24794S module can significantly enhance your system’s capabilities.

Commell MPX-24794S: Key Features

  • Form Factor: Compact PCI Express Mini Card design, perfect for space-constrained applications.
  • Controller: Powered by a robust Cypress controller for reliable and efficient performance.
  • SPI Master Mode: Offers modes 0, 1, 2, and 3 with a 1MHz clock frequency to connect with up to five SPI slave devices seamlessly.
  • 16-bit Programmable GPIO: The GPIO (general purpose input/output) provides you with unparalleled flexibility to customize and control a range of system functions.
  • I2C Master: Supporting the standard mode with a 100 kbps data rate, ensuring speedy and stable communications.
  • USB 2.0 Interface: Full-Speed USB 2.0 integration for easy and high-speed data transfers.
MPX 24794B

Where Innovation Meets Application: Advancing Industries with MPX-24794S

The Commell MPX-24794S serves a multitude of sectors with its broad array of features:

  • Industrial Automation: Streamline production lines by integrating this module into your control systems for real-time monitoring and adjustments.
  • Medical Equipment: Ensure precise data collection and device control in critical healthcare devices with its reliable I2C and GPIO capabilities.
  • Retail Solutions: From point-of-sale systems to digital signage, the MPX-24794S can manage multiple device connections with ease.
  • Telecommunications: Facilitate efficient network management and protocol implementations using the module’s SPI and I2C functions.
Commell MPX-24794S: Mini-PCI Express 16-bit GPIO, SPI & I2C Module

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