DFI Integrates Intel Virtualization Technology: Create Flexible, Scalable Platforms

DFI Integrates Intel Virtualization Technology into Embedded Solutions: Accelerating Workload Consolidation

DFI Integrates Intel Virtualization Technology into Embedded Solutions


DFI, a leader in AI edge computing products, is dedicated to developing embedded solutions that effectively reduce equipment costs and make the most of existing resources. These solutions provide a flexible and scalable platform to meet various workload requirements, simplifying device integration and enhancing architecture. In collaboration with Intel, DFI has successfully integrated ultra-compact embedded products with Intel display chip processors, promoting the use of iGPU SR-IOV virtualization technology and enabling commercialization of these modules.

The Importance of Virtualization Technology

In the current era of Software-Defined AIoT, hardware-supported virtualization technology plays a crucial role in application environments. DFI offers a range of products, from industrial-grade motherboards like the ADS310 equipped with 12th generation Intel CPUs and the EC70A-TGU system. These products leverage virtualization technology to integrate and create multiple virtual platform spaces. By optimizing operations, this technology reduces the cost of connecting data to the cloud and improves overall yield and efficiency.

Enhancing Performance and Capabilities

According to DFI President Alexander Su, the integration of Intel’s technology and the support of SR-IOV architecture allows DFI’s hardware to efficiently execute different operating systems through a single CPU while integrating large amounts of shared data. The improved drawing performance within a virtual environment enables faster processing of tasks such as color recognition, measurements, and appearance flaw detection.

Cost Efficiency and Graphics Computing

Intel recognizes that cost considerations are a crucial factor in industrial automation. DFI’s hardware supports SR-IOV virtualization technology, which enables workload consolidation and enhances cost efficiency. This solution addresses long-standing challenges in graphics computing performance and meets the requirements of large-scale deployments in various application fields.

Collaboration and Optimization

DFI’s ECI and EIAMR products have undergone rigorous testing by Intel’s ESDQ, which demonstrates their compatibility and reliability. DFI and Intel have also released a technical white paper, underscoring their commitment to working closely together. With this collaboration, DFI aims to assist and optimize the development of various IoT services, accelerating the realization of Software-Defined IoT.

Workload Integration in Smart Poles and Smart Retail

The trend of workload integration is gaining momentum in smart poles and smart retail environments. Smart poles can identify pedestrian behaviour using roadside and vehicle equipment and synchronize the data to the smart poles. Additionally, these poles enable high-performance AI edge computing, enhancing people flow detection, people counting, monitoring, and other functions. In the realm of smart retail, identification systems can be implemented to determine consumer age and gender, providing valuable insights about customers.

In summary, DFI’s integration of Intel Virtualization Technology into their embedded solutions opens new possibilities for workload consolidation, cost efficiency, and performance optimization. Combined with the advancements in smart poles and smart retail, this collaboration is driving the realization of Software-Defined IoT and the future of AI edge computing.

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