DFI KSM-KH 15″ – 22″ Panel PC Series: Rugged Modular Design Industrial Panel PCs

DFI KSM-KH Series: Modular Design, Highly Versatile and Rugged Industrial Panel PCs

DFI’s KSM-KH Series 15″ – 22″ Modular Rugged Industrial Panel PC Series

DFI, a leading provider of industrial computers, has introduced the KSM-KH Series, a range of highly versatile and ruggedized industrial Panel PCs. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications, these panel PCs offer a wide range of screen sizes and features that make them suitable for various industries.

  • Screen Sizes and Touch Screen Options
    • The KSM-KH Series offers a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 15.6″ to 22″. This allows users to choose the panel PC size that best fits their application requirements. Moreover, these panel PCs come with both resistive and projected capacitive (P-Cap) touch screen options, providing flexibility for different user interaction needs.
  • Powerful Performance
    • Equipped with 7th Generation Intel Core Processors, BGA 1440, the KSM-KH Series delivers powerful performance to handle demanding industrial applications. These processors ensure smooth and efficient operation, allowing users to run resource-intensive tasks without any compromise.
  • Rugged Design and IP65 Front Panel Protection
    • DFI’s KSM-KH Series Panel PCs are built to withstand harsh industrial environments. The rugged design ensures durability and reliability, making them suitable for use in demanding industrial applications. Additionally, the IP65 front panel protection provides resistance against dust, water, and other contaminants, ensuring the longevity of the panel PCs even in challenging conditions.
  • Versatile Usage
    • The KSM-KH Series Panel PCs can be utilized across various industries such as manufacturing, automation, transportation, and logistics. With their modular design, these panel PCs can be easily integrated into existing systems or customized to meet specific application requirements. Their flexibility allows businesses to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.
DFI KSM-KH Series: Modular Design, Highly Versatile and Rugged Industrial Panel PCs

DFI’s KSM-KH Series 15″ – 22″ Modular Rugged Industrial Panel PC Series offers a wide range of screen sizes, touch screen options, powerful performance, rugged design, and versatility, making them a perfect fit for industrial applications. If you are looking for reliable and efficient panel PCs to enhance your industrial operations, the KSM-KH Series is definitely worth considering.

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KSM-KH Series: Key Features

  • Support Adaptive Display Platform
  • Supports 9~36V Power Input
  • Intel® Core™ Processor with Fanless Design
  • Multiple Panel Sizes with Resistive/P-Capacitive Touch Screen
  • IP65 Front Panel Protection
  • 15-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q1′ 32 (Based on Intel IOTG Roadmap)
KSM-KH Series: Key Features

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