DFI AL05P “Industrial Pi” + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications

DFI AL05P "Industrial Pi" + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications

AL05P – A Pioneer in PoE Single Board Computing Solutions for Edge Applications

DFI extends its own ‘Pi-size’ industrial single-board computers, ALF51 and GHF51, to the first PoE (Power over Ethernet) compact single-board solution, the AL05P, to challenge the deployment of existing computing devices both inside and outside factory and building environments. The AL05P replaces traditional DC power cable with PoE cable, filling in the gaps of equipment setup in remote locations – as well as effectively reducing cabling space and eliminating the cost of additional power supplies – consequently greatly improving the ease and flexibility of device deployment without power limitation.

Combined with +0.5KV isolation protection and operational -20~70°C wide temperature support, the AL05P provides an efficient and stable operating environment, enabling more diverse and innovative applications than the previous generation of Industrial Pi solution, the ALF51.

DFI AL05P "Industrial Pi" + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications

Low Power / High Processing Capability with Intel Atom Processor E3900 Series at the AL051’s heart

The AL05P uses the Intel Atom E3900 processor series as the core of its computing abilities. With high-performance and low-power (9W) processing capabilities, it further extends real-time computing at the edge – easily handling image recognition and data streaming analysis.

Fewer cables, more flexibility

The industrial PoE Pi solution, AL05P, is currently one of the most unique 2.5-inch (100mm x 72mm) Pico-ITX embedded motherboards on the market that supports PoE. Whether empowering or supporting other control functions of edge devices,  the AL05P is optimised for is staying away from more conventional means of powering motherboard solutions sockets and the reducing of cabling. Additionally, the small size and low power consumption provides the AL05P advantages in restricted space environments that lack power distribution to boost the support of applications at the very edge.

DFI AL05P "Industrial Pi" + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications

Power & Expansion – All In one board

Compared with other development boards that require a “double-layer design” for an additional PoE expansion board, the AL05P has PoE LAN and expansion interfaces all configured on the one, single board directly. This also includes 1 x ±15kv electrostatic-protected COM, 2 x USB 3.1 Gen1, 2 x USB 2.0 and Mini PCIe to reduce maintenance costs.

DFI AL05P "Industrial Pi" + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications
DFI AL05P "Industrial Pi" + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications

4K HD Display support

The AL05P has built-in HEVC hardware decoding and VP9 codec display enhancement engine that supports 4K high-resolution DP++ output (4096×2304@60Hz), and therefore efficiently supports visual applications for digital advertising and multimedia. Integration of the AL05P into a Box/System PC or Panel PC can bring value-add to applications as diverse as access control, video streaming servers, meeting room signage or data collection via sensors in the factory to monitor a local environment.

DFI AL05P "Industrial Pi" + PoE. SBC for Edge Applications

Providing for a comprehensive development environment

The Intel Atom E3900 series adopted by the AL05P is an x86 instruction set compatible processor. In addition to Linux, it also supports Windows operating systems, providing developers with a more flexible and friendly development environment to realise their design concepts, challenge current device deployment and push the limits of edge application deployment. At the same time, the AL05P also supports a product lifetime availability of up to 15 years which greatly extends the life of the solution and cuts down the cost of hardware re-development where product end of life scenarios are concerned.


DFI AL05P Pico-ITX + PoE

  • Intel Pentium/Celeron/Atom Processor E3900
  • Support LPDDR4 memory down up to 4GB
  • Rich I/O: 1 LAN, 1 COM, 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0
  • Expansion and Storage: 1 Mini PCIe, 1 SMBus, 1 eMMC
  • PoE single board solution support PoE PD 48VDC
  • 15-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q1′ 31 (Based on Intel IOTG Roadmap)

Pi-size Industrial Single-Board-Computers

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