MACTRON MAV Series: In-Vehicle Rugged Android Tablet PCs for Enhanced Efficiency

MACTRON MAV Series: In-Vehicle Rugged Android Tablet PCs for Enhanced Efficiency and Connectivity

Revolutionise your in-vehicle PC application needs with the MACTRON MAV Series

MACTRON GROUP’s MAV vehicle mount Mobile Tablet PC series are specifically designed to integrate into forklifts and other warehouse vehicles, to revolutionise day to day operational requirements.

The MAV series of rugged tablets support Android offering fast development, customisation and deployment of application to meet the demands of in-vehicle PC operations.

Versatility for a diversity of applications………

MACTRON MAV series tablets find their applications in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Fleet Management: supporting monitoring & management of vehicle fleets; route tracking, optimisation of fuel consumption and driver safety.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: access of real-time vehicle data – and performing diagnostics to efficiently manage maintenance schedules to maximise vehicle uptime.
  • Agriculture Vehicles: improvement of productivity in agricultural operations with real-time data collection, precision navigation and smart equipment control.
  • Forklift / Warehouse Vehicles : Optimisation of warehouse operations via streamlining of order picking and enhancement of inventory management with intuitive tablet solutions.
  • Logistics Operation: Streamlining of logistical operations via shipment tracking and inventory management & control contribute towards ensuring on-time delivery – all from the convenience of an in-vehicle tablet.

MACTRON MAV Series Tablets at a Glance

  • MACTRON MAV0502 Android 5″ In-Vehicle Rugged Mobile Tablet PC: Designed to offer exceptional connectivity and tracking capabilities, this compact tablet features RS232 and GPIO support, built-in GNSS, NFC and integration of all the essential communication modules required to support efficient in-vehicle operations.
  • MACTRON MAV0703 Android 7″ In-Vehicle Rugged Mobile Tablet PC: With LTE-ready connectivity and advanced features such as built-in GNSS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, this tablet ensures seamless communication, superior durability and high display visibility even in challenging environments.
  • MACTRON MAV1013 Android 10.1″ In-Vehicle Rugged Mobile Tablet PC: Equipped with a powerful Qualcomm MSM8953 Octa-core processor, this tablet combines ruggedness with versatility. With an IP67 rating, MIL-STD 810G certification and additional features like a fingerprint module and barcode scanner, it offers advanced continued functionality for demanding applications.

Versatile Mounting Holder & AII-In-One Cable

Different Configurations for Deployment
Comprehensive Cables for In-Vehicle Applications

MACTRON MAV Series: In-Vehicle Rugged Android Tablet PCs for Enhanced Efficiency and Connectivity

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