YUAN Video Capture Cards: Solutions for Real-Time Video Capture and Streaming Applications

YUAN Video Capture Cards: Versatile Solutions for Real-Time Video Capture and Streaming

YUAN Video Capture Cards: Versatile, Reliable and High-performing

YUAN video capture solutions offer a comprehensive range of hardware products and software support services designed for real-time video capture, recording and streaming. With support for multiple resolutions, ranging from SD to 8K, YUAN provide practical solutions suitable for a range of industrial applications.

01 Versatile Input Interfaces - YUAN Video Capture Cards


YUAN’s capture hardware & software support services cater for diverse use by offering support for a wide array of input interfaces. Whether you require HDMI, DP, SDI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, Composite, S-Video, or even GMSL/FPD-LINK , YUAN can support in providing customers with the most befitting solution to meet their specific application.

02 Multiple Form Factors Available - YUAN Video Capture Cards

Multiple Form Factors Available

YUAN’s capture cards are available in a cross mix of industrial computing interfacing protocols, inclusive of PCIe, M.2, Mini-PCIe, MIPI, PCI, PCI/PCIe 104, USB3.0 and USB2.0. Additionally, YUAN can tailor the physical size of the solution form factor to accommodate bespoke sizing requests to ensure ease of integration into your application.

03 Ultra Low Latency through NVIDIA DirectGPU Integration - YUAN Video Capture Cards

Ultra-Low Latency through NVIDIA Direct GPU Integration

YUAN has partnered with NVIDIA to integrate DirectGPU technology into their capture card modules. The integration significantly reduces the DMA transfer of video buffer to GPU memory, resulting in the market’s lowest latencies. With just a single-frame delay – and even when dealing with demanding 8K/4K video application – YUAN’s capture cards deliver exceptional performance.

05 Wide Temperature Range Compatibility - YUAN Video Capture Cards

Support for Wide Temperature Range in Operation

YUAN’s video capture cards excel in operation within the harshest of environments, ranging from -40°C to +85°C. This wide temperature range compatibility makes them suitable for a broad spectrum of industry applications – inclusive of military & transportation.

04 Robust SDK Support for Various OS - YUAN Video Capture Cards

Robust SDK Support for Various Operating Systems

YUAN offer software development kits (SDK), accessible across a range of operating systems. Whether you’re working on Windows, Linux, NVIDIA Jetson, or macOS, their powerful SDK’s enable developers to create applications for different hardware platforms using the same YUAN API’s.

Yuan’s structured collection of functionalities & features ensures a fully supported integration process, allowing you to incorporate YUAN capture cards into your application with the peace of mind that the relevant support is there if you need it.

YUAN Video Capture Cards: Versatile Solutions for Real-Time Video Capture and Streaming

YUAN’s video capture & streaming solutions provides practical and reliable application choices for transportation, online conferencing, medical, surveillance, education and military – to name but a few.  With versatility around interfacing and form factors – ably supported by ultra-low latency, robust SDK support services and wide temperature range compatibility, YUAN video capture cards are the ideal solution.

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