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We offer a range of industrial and embedded solutions for OEM’s and System Integrators; we hold large stocks for replacements and samples and our in-house design engineers have close working relationships with suppliers ensuring we provide the best solutions, fully configurable at competitive prices.

TouchLCD 1

Industrial TFT Display Modules

Industrial TFT Modules Quite often the PC solution being sought by our customers will not only need a means of visual output but also of interactivity to allow the user to interface with their application, providing a means of interaction (HMI) for the control and interrogation of parameters. As a leading provider of embedded solutions,…

ryzensquare 2

AMD Ryzen Embedded

Ryzen Embedded V1000 Series Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series Ryzen Embedded CPU Family Model Cores(Threads) TDP Frequency(Max) Memory GPU(Frequency) V1202B 2(4) 12 – 25 W 2.3 GHz(3.2GHZ) DDR4-2400 Radeon Vega 3(1 GHz) V1404I 4(8) 12 – 25 W 2.0 GHz(3.6GHZ) DDR4-2400 N/A V1500B 4(8) 12 – 25 W 2.2Ghz(2.2Ghz) DDR4-2400 N/A V1605B 4(8) 12 – 25 W 2 .0GHz(3.6GHZ)…

OS Windows

Embedded Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 Embedded and Windows IoT As an official Microsoft Embedded Windows Partner we have been implementing Operating Systems on embedded hardware for our customers for over 30 years. From the early RTOS days of OS-9 on the Motorola Processor range through Windows NT embedded, XP, 7, 8 and Windows 10 Embedded. We offer standard…

1185 Thermal Printer Mechanisms

Thermal Printer Mechanisms

Thermal Printer Mechanisms Compact, reliable low voltage thermal printer mechanisms are the answer for portable printing applications, offering low power consumption to enable long battery life. The innovative small footprint designs free up critical design real estate. New low voltage LTPD and CAPD series thermal printer mechanisms tackle the challenges of designing smaller, faster, more…

Quite often, we’re the manufacturer behind the solutions you know

Whether we’re utilising our own manufacturing & production facilities here in Southampton – or our ecosystem of partners in Asia, BVM can cope with any size or complexity of batch manufacturing. Our production team are highly motivated with a flexible “can do” attitude ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery.