Case Study: Print Solution for Portable Fuel Analyser

Case Study: Print Solution for Portable Fuel Analyser


Our client provides laboratory equipment that tests the cleanliness and purity of aviation turbine fuels, making sure that each batch complies to the stringent guidelines of IP 565. Lasers are used to detect any particles or impurities in the liquid fuels, as these could lead to combustion problems and engine down-time due to maintenance of fuel lines and injection systems, as well as poor fuel economy for the aircraft.


As this instrument was the first of a new generation of mobile analysers, the need for an instant printout of results was deemed to be of benefit to the users, until such time as the test data could be downloaded via a cable connection in an office or laboratory environment.


Due to the low production volumes of the instrument, a ready-made printing solution was needed. Being portable, keeping the size and weight to a minimum was also important. The instruments are high value items made in low volumes and tend to have a very long production life, so continuation of supply was therefore an important consideration.

Case Study: Print Solution for Portable Fuel Analyser

Our Solution

For low volume projects such as this, it was not viable to design a printer from scratch using a printer mechanism and chip set, instead a ready-made Panel Printer was the perfect solution. Panel Printers by their very nature are front loading and mounted in the fascia of the instrument prohibiting their use on public facing machines. However, this being a laboratory instrument used by trained individuals, a panel printer was ideal. It also eliminated time-consuming and costly design work.


The client used a Seiko Instruments DPU-D2 Panel Printer which includes the printer mechanism with built-in control board and paper roll holder all in one ready-to-mount package. Paper loading is via a front opening door making access very easy for the operator.

The client has the choice to use either Serial or USB printer connections and the same Panel Printer across a whole range of future instruments.

Seiko Instruments are well known for extended product life times, often making the same products for decades, thus giving the client piece of mind that they can use the same printer for many years to come.

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