Case Study: Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

Case Study: Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

Enhancing Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems.
A BVM Case Study

Introduction to the Customer

Our client provides fully integrated security, safety and communications solutions to a wide variety of industries inclusive of installation, commissioning, hand-over & post installation support – and maintenance of communications. They’re provider in the rail, commercial and domestic industries, specialising in delivering comprehensive communication solutions.

As a prominent player in their field, our customer sought an innovative solution to elevate their railway passenger and platform information and communication systems for an established network provider for the UK rail network.

Customer Needs and Objectives

Our client’s mandate was clear: a 2U rack PC solution with a low-power CPU and exceptional audio capabilities for integration into railway passenger and platform information systems. Their aspiration was to enrich the travel experience of rail passengers while ensuring efficient communication across UK stations and platforms.

The project presented a significant challenge due to the client’s stringent timeline for overall deployment. Openly, task was formidable one; designing a rack PC from scratch, producing prototypes for approval in situ – and then quickly moving onto manufacturing and dispatch of a 150pcs of customised 2U racks across train stations throughout the UK. The sizeable task would require flawless co-operation & overlapping of skills & information exchanging internally within BVM team members of engineering, production and logistics to ultimately ensure dispatch schedules were kept on track and installation targets were met.

The Design

BVM quickly conceptualised and designed a 2U Rack PC from ground up due to the additional need for the integration of our client’s own electronics, featuring a Micro-ITX motherboard armed with a low-powered Celeron CPU. To elevate the passenger experience further, an integrated 7.1 surround sound card was incorporated to ensure crystal-clear audio for vital announcements and information dissemination to ensure the maximum passenger experience.


  • Chassis: 2U Medium Chassis 1 x 5.25″ External + 4 x Internal 3.5″ drives (PCI Version)
  • Power Supply: 500W Quiet 85+ PS2 Power Supply with 8cm fan
  • PC Engine: Q470E Micro ATX motherboard (with TPM 2.0), configured with Intel Celeron G59053.50G 4M with Noctua Low Profile NH-L9i Intel CPU Cooler, Industrial 8GB DDR4 2,666MHz RAM and 2TB 3.5″ SATA 6 Desktop Hard Drive
  • Sound: Soundcard to support 7.1 surround sound

The Result

The outcome of this collaborative effort was truly remarkable. BVM successfully delivered over 150 customised racks well within the stipulated deadline. Each component selected for the solution was carefully chosen to guarantee a minimum availability of five years, ensuring the durability and longevity of the systems. Furthermore, the racks were thoughtfully engineered to withstand challenging environments, making them ideal for deployment in less-than-optimal conditions commonly found in railway settings.

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Case Study: Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

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Case Study Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

Case Study Rail Passenger Information & Communication Systems

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