Case Study: Mobile Data Terminal with ANPR and DVR functionality

Mobile data terminalCompany


A leading global supplier of emergency vehicle command, control and communications systems. With installations in many of the UK’s police forces, Futronics are now successfully tackling the global market, with projects stretching from Australia to the USA..


High performance Mobile Data Terminals with ANPR and DVR functionality


Mobile computer system for use in emergency vehicles, providing blue light control, GPS, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), DVR (Digital Video Recording) and communications over the 3G network.


Futronics first contacted BVM early in 2009 looking at Commell motherboards for use in their ANPR system. Within 48hrs of meeting, BVM had put together a proposal for a complete custom designed system. Within one week, an order was placed for the first prototype and development work began.

The ChallengesFutronics

1. Futronics had been using an off-the-shelf computing product from America but were facing a series of  challenges, which were limiting the companies capacity to grow:

  • Supply issues
  • Long lead times
  • Difficult design control
  • Difficult system maintenance and configuration

2. They wanted their own custom designed Futronics-branded unit, but did not have the hardware or design skills in-house to produce it.

3. Futronics sought a hardware partner to work closely with them, not only to develop the system, but to provide technical support, advice and ongoing product development.

The Solution

  • BVM worked closely with Futronics to determine the technical specification required for the unit.
  • BVM developed a bespoke MDT (mobile data terminal), incorporating an enclosure design that met Futronics requirements for physical and branding criteria, and included their wish list of desirable features, complete with upgrade development path.
  • BVM supported Futronics to successfully pass the stringent requirements of the Police SPEC5 tests, a requirement for the UK Police market.


  • Futronics products are now sold globally and have been selected as the system of choice by police authorities in the USA, Australia and the Middle East, in addition to Europe.
  • Futronics is the fastest growing company in the emergency vehicle data terminal industry, with sales forecast to double in the next two years.

BVM as a key technology partner, has helped enable Futronics to become the leading manufacturer of specialist equipment for the emergency service market.’ Graham Tull – Futronics.

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