Case Study: Surveillance – Forensic Data Capture Peli Case PC

Case Study: Surveillance - Forensic Data Capture Peli Case PC


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Portable Mobile Phone Interrogation System


Digital data extraction for mobile devices such as, mobile phones and SATNAVS.


The customer originally approached BVM to design a briefcase-style system that could be used by police and military customers to interrogate mobile phones and data cards for evidence collection purposes.

Working closely with the customer, BVM was tasked with developing a portable system to compliment the original desktop units, in response to ever changing market needs.

Case Study: Surveillance - Forensic Data Capture Peli Case PC

The new unit has multiple card readers and connectivity to all common mobile phones and has the ability to store data for archive purposes. BVM ’s technical expertise complimented our customer’s proficiency in the software and marketing of the finished product.


  1. To produce a system for data extraction that accommodated the police’s specific requirements.
  2. The unit had to have a specific function so as not to be confused with or used as a traditional PC as it was required to produce forensic evidence.
  3. The system had to be easy to use without complex training.
  4. The unit had to be self-contained, compact, easy to set up and operate from mains or battery power.
  5. The unit had to meet stringent forensic criteria to ensure evidence would not be compromised.


BVM designed a solution with a strong and reliable system to meet the customer’s exact specification:

  • A self-contained data capture solution with a colour touch screen display
  • A forensically sound media card and smart card reader
  • Rugged and portable
  • Flight safe battery arrangement

BVM’s solution was a compact design built into a standard flight case, with a touch screen display and built in battery pack, all specially selected to be suitable for transportation on passenger airliners.

Case Study: Surveillance - Forensic Data Capture Peli Case PC


  • The product is now sold globally and has been selected as the system of choice by security forces in many countries around the world.
  • The mobile system complements the desktop version, providing a solution for every situation.

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