Intel Elkhart Lake: Powering the Next Generation of IoT Edge Devices

Intel Elkhart Lake: Powering the Next Generation of IoT Edge Devices

Intel Elkhart Lake, the Latest Atom X6000, Pentium, and Celeron CPUs
for the Next Generation of IoT Edge Devices

Elkhart Lake, IoT and BVM

Intel continues to put its weight behind developing new processor solutions supporting the current needs and growing interest for IoT (Internet of Things) computing. ‘Elkhart Lake’ is the current, collective name behind Intel’s latest range of processors in the Atom X6000E and Pentium and Celeron N & J series processors.

Specifically designed to provide support behind the following, the Elkhart Lake series processors come with ‘onboard’ integrated IoT features to give  :-

  • Real time performance
  • Remote management
  • Security
  • Functional safety

All of the above provides new tools for BVM as a provider of standard & bespoke embedded PC solutions to solve the latest technology challenges in traditional verticals such as industrial automation and manufacturing.  

One feature of note is Elkhart Lakes ability to drive high end graphical performances, supporting up to three 4K pixel (UHD) displays simultaneously which is something that could only be completed by Intel’s Core processor solutions until now.

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Elkhart Lake x6000 Series Processors

To support the next generation of IoT edge devices, Intel has developed a new line of processors enhanced for IoT—The Intel Atom x6000E Series, Intel Pentium, and Intel Celeron N and J Series processors. These processors build on new levels of CPU, and graphics performances with integrated IoT features, real-time performance, manageability, security, and functional safety. 

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Elkhart Lake Key Features:

  • Performance Up to a 1.7x improvement in single-thread performance and up to a 1.5x improvement in multi-thread performance generation over generation. Up to 2x performance improvement in graphics over previous generation.
  • Next-generation graphics Take a huge leap forward in graphics capabilities with Intel UHD Graphics. With the ability to drive a maximum resolution of 4kp60 on up to three simultaneous displays, it is a first for this family of processors.
  • Integration and flexibility Leverage a dedicated offload engine with the Intel Programmable Services Engine (Intel PSE). Powered by an Arm* Cortex-M7 microcontroller, it provides independent, low-DMIPs computing and low-speed I/Os for IoT applications. It also hosts new functions like remote, out-of-band device management, network proxy, embedded controller, and sensor hub.
  • Remote device management Monitor and manage devices using in-band capability through Wi-Fi or wired ethernet to perform remote firmware and software updates. When OS is unresponsive, use out-of-band manageability through wired ethernet.
  • Meet functional safety requirements: The Intel Safety Island With functional safety capabilities integrated into the silicon, the Intel Atom x6000FE Series industrial processors meet IEC 61508 and ISO 13849 requirements (SIL2/Cat.3 PL d certified, SIL3/Cat.4 PL e capable) for functional safety.
  • Integrated connectivity Easily provide high speed connectivity with three integrated 2.5GbE MAC’s all with time sensitive networking (TSN) capability.
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  • Up to 3.0 GHz max frequency
  • 4.5-12W TDP
  • LPDDR4/x-4267, DDR4-3200 memory
  • In-band error correction code with standard memory
  • Intel UHD Graphics, 4kp60 on three simultaneous displays
  • Intel Programmable Services Engine, dedicated offload engine
  • In-band and out-of-band remote device manageability
  • Functional safety with Intel Safety Island (on select SKUs)
  • Hardware-based security
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Potential Areas of Deployment for Elkhart Lake

Industrial Automation

Intel Elkhart Lake - automation

Industrial systems often operate in an “always on” state, requiring high levels of reliability and uptime that require making operations smarter, more connected, and more autonomous.


Intel Elkhart Lake - retail

Enable capabilities such as facial recognition for authentication at ATMs or intelligent vending machines, object detection for cashier-free checkout, people counting, and audience analytics.

Transport and Smart City

Intel Elkhart Lake - transport

Put data to work to enable environmental monitoring, smart lighting, mobility, public kiosks, and other solutions for smart cities. Intel technologies, including AI, vision, and connectivity, deliver exceptional performance from edge to cloud.

Medical and Healthcare

Intel Elkhart Lake - medical

Leading hospitals are using data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to identify which patients are most at risk so they can respond more swiftly to life-threatening events.

Latest Elkhart Lake Products

Intel Elkhart Lake Products

Embedded PCs

Intel Elkhart Lake PCs


Intel Elkhart Lake SBCs

COM Express

Intel Elkhart Lake COM Express
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