Tally Dascom DP-530: Mobile printer from DASCOM – Simply Unbeatable

Tally Dascom DP-530: Mobile printer from DASCOM – Simply Unbeatable

Mobile printers from DASCOM – simply unbeatable

The DP-530/530L: Sturdy and flexible in its use

Powerful and reliable

With the Tally Dascom DP-530 series, you can concentrate fully on your core tasks because its simple operation requires the minimum of attention. The series prints on 3” wide thermal paper rolls, as well as labels, making them the ideal solution for on-site printing of receipts, proof of delivery notes or warehouse labels.

Fast, flexible…….

The print performance of the Tally Dascom DP-530 series reaches up to 127 mm/sec (5” per second). It supports  a variety of popular emulations such as ZPL, EPL and ESC/POS – and other emulations are also available. But one of the main features of the DP-530 series is its ability in providing PostScript support meaning it can directly print PDF files.

Wide-range of use

The DP-530 series is flexible when communicating with laptops, touchpads or handheld devices; connection is via its USB 2.0 interface. However, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces are also available for wireless communication where preferred.  The printer can be operated from 12 or 24 volts meaning it’s suitable for use with all standard electrical systems. A 220 Volt power supply unit is also available enabling power supply from domestic mains.

Sturdy, easy to operate…..

To ensure the DP-530 series can cope with demanding environments, the DP-541 has been specially designed so with a robust housing and is operational in an extended temperature range of -18°C to +50° C  and regarding water, dust or vibration, the DP-541 is IP54-certified. The printer’s wide range of configuration options can be managed via a web client.

Easy installation

There are various mounting options available for the DP-530 series making it easy to install for ‘in situ’ environments such as order picking trolleys or vehicles.

Tally Dascom DP-530 series

The highlights at a glance:-

• Simple operation
• Robust housing
• Multiple interfaces
• Light weight
• Direct PDF/PostScript printing
• Special model for printing labels (DP-530L)

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