Intel Meteor Lake: 14th Generation Core Ultra Mobile Processors

Intel Meteor Lake: 14th Generation Core Ultra Mobile Processors

Unveiling the Power of Intel Meteor Lake: The Core of Future Mobile Computing

In an era where mobile computing is not just about portability but also about unprecedented performance, Intel unveils its Meteor Lake processors, a technological marvel set to redefine mobile processing. With the launch on December 14, 2023, Meteor Lake has made a bold statement in the mobile processor market, marking the dawning of a new age of high-performance, mobile computing with its Intel Core Ultra mobile processors. Here we dissect the features and potential of this trailblazing innovation.

Advanced Architecture: A Leap into the Future of Processors

Meteor Lake processors are Intel’s first venture using a chiplet architecture, an advanced design that integrates various high-performance components into one efficient package. The compute tile is manufactured using Intel’s sophisticated 4 process, while the graphics and the I/O tiles are built on TSMC’s N5 and N6 processes respectively. This disparate approach allows Meteor Lake to offer unprecedented performance and efficiency.

The Power Behind the Performance: Key Features of Meteor Lake Processors

Meteor Lake processors adopt a cutting-edge multi-chip module (MCM) architecture composed of four distinct tiles: compute, graphics, system on-chip (SoC), and input/output (I/O). In contrast to its predecessors, where the Platform Controller Hub (PCH) chip stood alone to handle I/O functionalities in high-end mobile processors, Meteor Lake integrates these I/O functions directly into the MCM. This architectural shift is encapsulated in a Type 3 FC-BGA2049 package, streamlining the overall design and enhancing the processor’s capabilities.

CPU Innovation:

Redwood Cove and Crestmont microarchitectures: The processors can have up to 16 cores with a mix of high-performance Redwood Cove P-cores and energy-efficient Crestmont E-cores, providing both power and efficiency.

  • Core Configuration:
    • Includes up to 16 total cores.
    • Features up to 6 Redwood Cove P-cores for high-performance needs.
    • Boasts 8 Crestmont E-cores arranged in 2 clusters, optimizing for efficiency.
    • Integrates 2 low power Crestmont E-cores located on the SoC tile for background tasks.
  • Cache Enhancements:
    • Each P-core has a doubled L1 instruction cache size of 64 KB.
    • Dedicated 2 MB L2 cache for each P-core, E-core cluster, and LP E-core cluster.
    • Up to 24 MB of a shared L3 cache to facilitate data and instructions.
  • Power Efficiency:
    • Notable improvements in power consumption to deliver enhanced battery life and efficiency.

GPU Excellence:

Xe-LPG architecture: Integrated with up to 8 Xe cores and optimized for top-tier graphics performance, including an 8K 10-bit AV1 hardware encoder, and support for the latest display standards.

  • Xe-LPG Architecture: Advanced graphics architecture designed for potent performance and energy efficiency.
  • Xe Cores: Comprises up to 8 Xe cores, which serve as the backbone for high-end graphics processing.
  • Xe Vector Engines: Features 128 Xe Vector Engines (XVE) in total, with 16 XVEs allocated per Xe core for elevated parallel processing power.
  • High-Resolution Support: Equipped with an 8K 10-bit AV1 hardware encoder to handle ultra-high-definition video content with ease.
  • Peak Frequency: Can reach a frequency of up to 2.35 GHz for intensive graphic computations.
  • FP64 Hardware Support: Includes native support for FP64 (64-bit floating-point operations), enhancing accuracy and performance for compute-intensive tasks.
Intel Meteor Lake
Intel Meteor Lake
On Dec. 14, 2023, Intel introduced the Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family. Powered by Intel’s 3D performance hybrid architecture and built on the Intel 4 process, new H- and U-Series processors deliver a balance of performance and power efficiency, immersive experiences, and AI acceleration. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

AI Acceleration:

Intel AI Boost NPU: The Neural Processing Unit (NPU) enhances AI-based tasks, making the processor ideal for advanced machine learning applications.

  • Intel AI Boost NPU: Next-generation acceleration for AI applications with up to 1.4 GHz frequency to enhance machine learning performance.
  • Arithmetic Capabilities: Powerful computing with a 4K MAC array, supporting 1 fp16 (16-bit floating-point) or 2 int8 (8-bit integer) operations per cycles.
  • Signal Processing: Equipped with four digital signal processors to manage complex digital signal tasks smoothly and effectively.
  • Dedicated Memory: Comes with 4 MB of dedicated static memory, ensuring speedy access to frequently used data by the NPU.
  • LeonRT Frontend Processor: Features a dedicated LeonRT frontend processor for enhanced command and control of NPU operations.
  • Comprehensive API Support: Wide-ranging support for various APIs including DirectML, OpenGL, OpenVX, and Vulkan, promoting versatility and ease of integration for developers.

Connectivity and Memory:

Expanded I/O capabilities: With robust support for the latest DDR5 and LPDDR5X memory, alongside a suite of connectivity options including PCIe 5.0, Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6E, and support for the latest display ports, Meteor Lake is positioned as a connectivity powerhouse.

  • Memory Compatibility:
    • Supports up to 96 GB of the faster DDR5-5600 and LPDDR5X-7467 memory types.
    • Compatibility with earlier DDR4 and LPDDR4 memory standards has been discontinued.
  • PCI Express Lanes:
    • Provides up to 8 PCI Express 5.0 lanes along with 20 PCI Express 4.0 lanes on H-series processors.
    • U-series processors support up to 20 PCI Express 4.0 lanes, ensuring versatile expansion and high-speed connectivity.
  • Direct Media Interface:
    • Equipped with 8 Direct Media Interface (DMI) 4.0 lanes for rapid data communications between the CPU and chipset.
  • USB and Thunderbolt Ports:
    • Includes 4 Thunderbolt 4.0 ports, offering fast data transfer speeds and the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Wireless Connectivity:
    • Integrates Wi-Fi 6E support, providing the latest in high-speed, low-latency wireless networking capabilities.
  • Display Outputs:
    • Native support for DisplayPort 2.1, allowing for high-resolution, high-refresh-rate displays.
    • HDMI 2.1 support at 48Gbit/s enables compatibility with the latest and most advanced display technologies.

These I/O enhancements mark Meteor Lake as a forerunner in the realm of mobile processors, enabling superior connectivity and support for next-generation peripherals and displays.

Intel Meteor Lake: 14th Generation Core Ultra Mobile Processors

Intel Core Ultra Processors: Features at a Glance

3D Performance Hybrid ArchitectureIntegrates two core microarchitectures onto a single chip, prioritizing and distributing workloads to optimize performance.
Intel® Thread DirectorOptimizes workloads by helping the OS scheduler intelligently distribute workloads to the optimal cores.
Intel® AI Boost / Intel® NPUIntegrated AI engine for low-power AI acceleration and CPU/GPU off-load.
Intel® Arc™ GPUWith an Intel® Arc GPU built-in, AI powers advanced creation and gameplay. Enjoy the high performance needed for accelerated creation and immersive high-resolution gaming, even while on the go.
Intel® GraphicsIntel® Graphics powers the everyday media and display capabilities of mobile systems, bringing new capabilities such as AV1 encode/decode.
Intel® Smart CacheCPU memory caching method for sharing among P-cores, E-cores, and processor graphics if applicable.
Endurance Gaming ModeDynamic Performance and Power management deliver longer battery life without compromising gameplay.
Intel® Deep Learning BoostIntel® Deep Learning Boost significantly accelerates inference performance for deep-learning workloads optimized to use VNNI and DP4a.
Intel® Adaptive Boost TechnologyIntelligently boosts the processor to run faster than its rated frequency as power, heat, and workload allow.
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 accelerates processor and graphics performance for peak loads, automatically allowing processor cores to run faster than the rated operating frequency if they’re operating below power, current, and temperature specification limits.
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0Identifies the processor’s fastest cores and directs critical workloads to them as power, heat, and workload allow.
Intel® Speed Shift TechnologyIntel® Speed Shift Technology is an energy efficient method of frequency control by the hardware rather than relying on OS control.
Intel® Unison SoftwareIntel® Unison software seamlessly connects your PC and devices for a universal, easy to use experience.
Intel® Adaptix™ Dynamic Tuning TechnologyIntel® Adaptix™ Suite allows PC engineers or end users to achieve the best possible experience with optimized performance, extended battery life, and power efficiency.
Intel® Intelligent Display TechnologyCombining ecosystem display panel innovation with Intel® software to deliver battery life boost, enhanced visual experience, and sustainability benefits.
Intel® Connectivity Performance SuiteUse all your PC’s networking technologies simultaneously for great connected experiences.
Intel® Dynamic Power ShareDynamically shifts power between CPU and GPU to optimize platform thermals and unleash amazing performance.
Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator 3.5 (GNA 3.5)Designed to process AI speech and audio applications such as neural noise cancellation while simultaneously freeing up CPU resources for overall system performance and responsiveness.
Thunderbolt™ 4 Technology Support (USB 4 Compliant)Universal cable connectivity for a simple, reliable connection that provides incredible performance.
Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) SupportIntegrated wireless for 6 GHz connections. Wi-Fi 6E-enabled devices can take advantage of the newer 6 GHz frequency band for further improved connectivity.
Discrete Wi-Fi 7 (5 Gig) SupportThe next step in the evolution of wireless connectivity is improving speed, responsiveness, and reliability.

Intel Core Ultra Processors SKU Comparison: H Series

 Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 165H ProcessorIntel® Core™ Ultra 7 155H ProcessorIntel® Core™ Ultra 5 135H ProcessorIntel® Core™ Ultra 5 125H Processor
Processor Cores16 (6+8+2)16 (6+8+2)14 (4+8+2)14 (4+8+2)
Processor Threads22221818
Intel® Smart Cache (LLC)24 MB24 MB18 MB18 MB
P-core Max Turbo FrequencyUp to 5.0 GHzUp to 4.8 GHzUp to 4.6 GHzUp to 4.5 GHz
E-core Max Turbo FrequencyUp to 3.8 GHzUp to 3.8 GHzUp to 3.6 GHzUp to 3.6 GHz
Processor GraphicsIntel® Arc™ GPU
Graphics Max FrequencyUp to 2.3 GHzUp to 2.25 GHzUp to 2.2 GHzUp to 2.2 GHz
Neural ProcessorIntel® AI Boost
Neural Compute Engines2x Gen3
Total PCIe Lanes1 (x8) Gen 5 + 3 (x4) Gen 4 + 8 (x1, x2, x4) Gen4 Configurable
Max Memory SpeedDDR5-5600 | LPDDR5/x-7467
Max Memory Capacity64 GB (LP5) | 96 GB (DDR5)
Processor Max Turbo Power64 W, 115 W
Processor Base Power28 W

Intel Core Ultra Processors: SKU Comparison: U Series

 Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 165U ProcessorIntel® Core™ Ultra 7 155U ProcessorIntel® Core™ Ultra 5 135U ProcessorIntel® Core™ Ultra 5 125U Processor
Processor Cores12 (2+8+2)12 (2+8+2)12 (2+8+2)12 (2+8+2)
Processor Threads14141414
Intel® Smart Cache (LLC)12 MB12 MB12 MB12 MB
P-core Max Turbo FrequencyUp to 4.9 GHzUp to 4.8 GHzUp to 4.4 GHzUp to 4.3 GHz
E-core Max Turbo FrequencyUp to 3.8 GHzUp to 3.8 GHzUp to 3.6 GHzUp to 3.6 GHz
Processor GraphicsIntel® Graphics
Graphics Max FrequencyUp to 2.0 GHzUp to 1.95 GHzUp to 1.9 GHzUp to 1.85 GHz
Neural ProcessorIntel® AI Boost
Neural Compute Engines2x Gen3
Total PCIe Lanes3 (x4) Gen 4 + 8 (x1, x2, x4) Gen4 Configurable
Max Memory SpeedDDR5-5600 | LPDDR5/x-7467
Max Memory Capacity64 GB (LP5) | 96 GB (DDR5)
Processor Max Turbo Power57 W
Processor Base Power15 W

Harnessing the Potential: Applications for Meteor Lake Processors

Meteor Lake is more than a processor; it’s a key to unlocking potential across various applications:

  • Advanced Mobile Workstations: Its powerful CPU and GPU capabilities make it a perfect choice for professionals on the move, who need desktop-class performance.
  • AI and Machine Learning: With the in-built AI accelerators, Meteor Lake is ideal for the next generation of AI-infused mobile applications.
  • Content Creation: The powerful graphics capabilities, coupled with high-efficiency processing, allow creators to design, render, and edit in real-time without compromise.
  • Gaming: Though not its primary focus, the graphical prowess of Meteor Lake processors still delivers an exceptional gaming experience.
  • Enterprise Solutions: For businesses in need of secure, efficient, and powerful computing solutions that can handle multiple tasks seamlessly, Meteor Lake processors emerge as the frontrunner.

Embrace the Core Ultra Era with Intel Meteor Lake

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