DFI ADS Series – 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake Embedded Computing Solutions

DFI ADS Series - 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake Embedded Computing Solutions

DFI ADS Series – Powered by 12th Gen Intel Core processors

DFI have released the new ADS Series of embedded computing solutions powered by Intel’s 12th Gen Core™ SoC processors. The new hybrid architecture combines the P-Core and E-Core for intelligent computing resource allocation to increase visual computing efficiency by up to 50%, significantly enhancing the performances and efficiencies of applications such as automated production line monitoring & control and graphical based applications.

The new-gen ADS Series computing solutions are available in the format of both industrial motherboards and embedded systems, covering various motherboard form factors from SBC, Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX and fanless system (box) computers. The ADS Series can meet & achieve the demands of applications such as industrial control & automation, surveillance, traffic flow analysis and vision computing at the edge.

Industrial Motherboard


  • COMe Compact: ADP968
  • COMe Mini: ADP9A2

HPC Embedded Systems

  • Fanless: EC500-ADS, EC510/EC511-ADS, EC543-ADS
  • Mini-ITX System: WM120-ADS
  • ATX Walk Mount: WM343-ADS
DFI ADS Series 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake

All-new Hybrid Computing Architecture for Performance and Efficiency

The Intel® Alder Lake processor-based ADS Series utilises the all-new hybrid architecture of Performance Cores and Efficient Cores (P-core and E-core) to achieve high-performance computing where systems can intelligently make instant & optimal adjustments to workloads and workflows.

With Deep Learning Boost (‘DL’ Boost) and Vector Neural Network Instruction Set (VNNI), deep learning can be additionally accelerated to provide accurate and fast results for visual computing applications such as defect inspection and AGV/AMR control and decision making.

In addition to the new hybrid architecture, the ADS Series also supports PCIe 5.0 high-speed signal transmission achieving data transfer speeds of ‘2X’ over that of the previous-gen PCIe 4.0 – accelerating the speed of high-volume data & image processing for AI and computing vision tasks.

DFI ADS Series 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake

Data transfer for networking purposes is processed through the high-speed 10GbE LAN, significantly improving operational efficiencies. Wireless high-bandwidth WiFi 6E is supported with transmission speeds of up to 6GHz (1.4X faster than WiFi 5 and WiFi 6), making device deployment more powerful where real-time seamless connection is concerned.

DFI ADS Series 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake

8K HDR to Capture Every Detail

The ADS Series supports 8K video for video clarity, surpassing the processing ability of the human eye in excess of ten times. The result provides greater detail for image processing, the streaming of video – and all-round accuracy of the image for visual computing.

DFI ADS Series 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake 4

The new ADS Series is designed to help integrators maximise the use of each device, reduce configuration time and consequently lower integration costs. While improving overall computing performances and efficiencies, the ADS Series is also equipped with I/O virtualisation of GFX SR-IOV. It allows the GPU of a virtual machine (VM) to be distributed at near-native performance levels, significantly reducing the latency caused by a software-based virtual machine. The proof of concept (POC) of SR-IOV with Intel also confirms the VM frame rate remains at 60fps, equal to the native GPU performance (a traditional software-based performance is 28 fps frame rate).

ADFI ADS Series Key Features

  • Powered by 12th Gen Intel Core with the hybrid architecture of CPU and GPU
  • Intelligent work sequencing to optimize workloads
  • Optimal AI technology, supporting AI accelerator cards for accurate inference
  • Support PCIe 5.0
  • Ultra HD 8K display
  • Supports high-speed data transfer via 10GbE LAN / 2.5GbE LAN, 5G and WiFi 6E wireless networking


Factory Automation

  • AOI defect inspection
  • AI vision
  • Robotic arm
  • Virtual machine for equipment integration on production lines


  • Medical Imaging
  • AI Diagnostic Assistance

Transport and SMART City

  • Traffic analysis
  • Interactive digital signage

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