IEI IVS-110-AL Fleet Management In-Vehicle PC: A Comprehensive Overview

IEI IVS-110-AL Fleet Management In-Vehicle PC: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to the IEI IVS-110-AL

The IEI IVS-110-AL fleet management in-vehicle PC is a rugged and powerful computing device specifically engineered for use in cars, commercial vehicles trucks, buses – and any kind of fleet vehicles

IEI IVS-110-AL Fleet Management In-Vehicle PC: A Comprehensive Overview

IEI IVS-110-AL Key Features and Specifications

  • Rugged Design – The IVS-110-AL is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extremes of temperature, shock, vibration – and power fluctuation (instability of power supply).
  • Powerful Computing – Equipped with an Intel Atom x7-E3950 1.6 GHz (up to 2.0 GHz, quad-core, TDP 12W) processor and up to 8GB of memory capacity, the IVS-110-AL provides high-performance in-vehicle computing ability – all providing for multitasking, on-the-go data processing and real-time communication – to enable fleet operators to efficiently monitor and manage their vehicles.
  • Versatile Connectivity – With multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and optional 4G/LTE, the IVS-110-AL offers efficient integration with other vehicle management systems, enabling real-time tracking of vehicle location, efficient communication with drivers and the collection of valuable data for analysis & optimisation.
  • I/O and Storage – The IVS-110-AL offers a range of i/o ports inclusive of USB, LAN and CAN bus interfaces to allow for easy integration with various vehicle sensors, cameras and other peripherals. This expandability enhances the capabilities of the IVS-110-AL, enabling fleet operators to customise their fleet management systems according to their unique requirements. In terms of storage, the IVS-110-AL supports both solid-state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) – allowing fleet operators to choose the storage option that best suits their needs, whether it’s for high-speed data access or large storage capacity.
  • Advanced Security  – Security is a ceryainly priority in fleet management and the IVS-110-AL addresses this with advanced security features. The system comes with TPM (Trusted Platform Module) technology for secure data storage and encryption – as well as BIOS-level security measures to prevent unauthorised access to the device.
  • Wide range power input  – The IVS-110-AL supports a wide voltage power input – at 9V~36V DC power input with ignition control. This on-board flexibility allows the system to be easily integrated into variety of vehicle types (and situs) and ensures continuous operation even with fluctuating or inconsistent voltage supply.
IEI IVS-110-AL Fleet Management In-Vehicle PC: A Comprehensive Overview

Applying the IVS-110-AL to Real Applications

The IEI IVS-110-AL Fleet Management In-Vehicle PC meets applications for a variety of industries and where efficiency of fleet management is crucial. Applications include:

  • GPS Tracking and Navigation: The IVS-110-AL integrates with GPS systems providing real-time tracking and accurate navigation for fleet vehicles – enhancing route planning, reducing fuel consumption and improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Driver Monitoring and Safety: With the ability to connect to external cameras and sensors, the IVS-110-AL enables real-time monitoring of driver behaviour to ensure compliance with safety regulations & promote the reduction of road traffic accidents.
  • Fleet Optimisation: By collecting and analysing data inclusive of vehicle diagnostics, fuel consumption and driver performance, the IVS-110-AL helps fleet operators optimise  operations to promote cost savings, improve productivity and better end customer service.

The IVS-110-AL Fleet Management In-Vehicle PC – in a nutshell

With its rugged design, computing capability, versatile connectivity, diverse range of I/O, storage options, advanced security features and wide range DC power input – this system meets the demanding requirements of fleet operations. Whether it’s for GPS tracking, driver monitoring, fleet optimisation – or any other crucial aspect of fleet management for that matter – the IVS-110-AL is costs effective & capable solution.

IEI IVS-110-AL: Key Features

  • Intel Apollo Lake processor
  • Dual SIM slot
  • Optional 3G/Wi-Fi
  • 16 x DI/DO
  • 1 x HDMI (lockable), 1 x VGA
  • Built-in GPS function
  • E-Mark certification
  • Built-in OBD-II/J1939
  • IP4X protection
IEI IVS-110-AL Key Features

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