APLEX Lightweight Fully IP66 Panel PCs: APC-3072 & APC-3082

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APLEX’s lightweight fully IP66 Panel PCAPC-3072 / APC-3082, powered by Intel Atom Processor E3845 which deliver outstanding performance with minimum power consumption, supporting 6-36VDC power input with optional ignition controlDesigned for commercial and industrial vehicles, the APC-30X2 series features impressive stability and reliability to withstand a wide temperature range from -20 to 60℃ for use in harsh environments. Rich I/O ports are provided to connect with multiple peripheral devices in vehicle for many applications.

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Wireless Communication

Support for optional GPS and 3G/4G network functions, for real-time GPS tracking and asset management.

With integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect to local devices for updating real-time location status and route information, and exchanging data with control centre 24/7 whenever you are.

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Highbrightness, up to 1,000 nits

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APC-30X2 series is available with a high brightness LCD display, up to 1,000 nits to enhance visibility under sun light. To improve readability, APLEX offers a completely integrated, sunlight readable solution : optional LCD optical bonding and anti-reflective coating which is particularly designed for high ambient lighting or direct sunlight applications.

Waterproof M12 I/O Connectors

APC-30X2 series is equipped with waterproof M12 I/O Connectors which provide complete protection against dust, and protection of water jets from all directions.

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Mounting Option

The APC-3082 and APC-3072 offer two mounting options, VESA mount 75x 75/100x 100 and Yoke mount.

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Highlight Features

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  • Available in 7″ and 8″
  • Fully IP66 Certified Fanless Panel PC
  • Intel Atom Processor E3845
  • 6~36V DC Wide Range Power Input
  • ACC Control for Option
  • Sunlight Readable Display: LCD Optical Bonding/AR Coating for Option

APLEX’s Lightweight Fully IP66 Panel PCs: APC-3072 / APC-3082

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