Pico-ITX: What is a Pico-ITX Motherboard?

Pico-ITX: What is a Pico-ITX Motherboard?

What is a Pico-ITX Motherboard?

The Pico-ITX industrial computing platform provides a solution in a 100mm by 72mm foot print. This makes it ideally suited to space-limited applications were diverse I/O requirements are still a requirement.

What is a Pico-ITX Motherboard?

Pico ITX solution basically come in two formats :-

  • Low power format – such as Atom or ARM based
  • High power format – latter i-cores series, e.g. Sky Lake, Kay Lake, Coffee Lake – and Whisky Lake

Low power formats; generally used where space is of a premium, but low power operation is required to save on power usage (such as industrial hand held devices where battery power needs to be efficiently conserved) – and low heat dissipation, but still providing for enhanced graphics capability. A good example are the latest Atom solutions in Apollo Lake – including N3350, and N4200, plus the Atom x7-E3950 Apollo Lake, x5-E3940 and x5-E3930 series.

In recent years, OEM’s have picked up on requirements for solutions with good all-round processor capability (high performances in data & graphical manipulation). Most notable amongst these OEM providers are  CommellDFI and Lex


Typically, where would a high power Pico-ITX solution be deployed ?

For example, in high end surveillance applications where the ability to manipulate intensive (HD/4K) imagery and data, whilst still maintaining a discrete sized device that will remain hidden from public view is needed.


Additionally, and as referred to in the above, the ability to still have a diverse range of I/O, powerful IoT-ready industrial PC systems can be realised by adding 3G & 4G modem capability well as an SSD using the available features such as full-size mini PCIe and M.2 B key 2242 sockets.  Some Pico-ITX solutions can provide up to 3 x displays support via VGA, mini DP++ and LVDS. Dual Gigabit Ethernet, 4 x USB ports including dual USB 3.0, RS-232/485, SATA 3.0, SMBus, audio and GPIO are also all available features that can be found.

As well as being available in extended temperature formats – such as (-20C to +70C) and full industrial (-40C to +85C) temperature specification – wide supply voltage (9-36v) versions are also available (ideal for in-vehicle usage)

Pico-ITX Motherboards

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