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Hygienic IP Protected Panel PCs Designed to
Meet Food & Beverage Manufacturing Challenges.

Industry Challenges

Whether it is the actual processing of the food or the food packaging, automation is everywhere in today’s modern food plants. Production floor automation helps keep costs down and food quality standards up. Winmate’s stainless series was developed to enhance the food processing, packaging and pharmaceutical production industries – where there’s a need for computing solutions be ingress protected to withstand the rigours of daily washdown and consistently maintain hygene for a variety of industrial sectors concerning production.

Water and dust protection IP69K / IP67 / IP65

The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion of dust and water. For example, a product with an IP65 level of protection indicates that the device’s enclosure allows no ingress of dust (dust-tight), and is protected from water jets.

  • IP65 – Dust tight, protected against water projected from a nozzle
  • IP66 – Dust tight, protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water
  • IP67 – Dust tight, protected against immersion. for 30 minutes at depths 150mm – 1000mm
  • IP68 – Dust tight, protected against complete, continuous submersion in water
  • IP69K – Dust tight, protected against high-pressure, high-temperature jet sprays, wash-downs or steam-cleaning

Rigors of factory floor operations

HMI’s and industrial Panel PCs for factory floor operations should be able to work in the challenging environments containing dust, water and humidity. Some industries have strict hygienic requirements – so machinery, industrial displays and factory floors must be cleaned down with high pressure / temperature water or abrasive chemicals cleaning processes.

Industrial Panel PCs deployed for process control and monitoring are frequently located in areas where aggressive (Corrosive) cleaning chemicals are used which means the use of either SUS 316 or AISI 316 stainless steel materials for PC enclosures when it comes to product design.

Winmate Stainless Steel Panel PC Range – Overview

Winmate Stainless Series Panel PCs combine an aesthetic design with ruggedised construction.  They also provide for variety of mounting options, high computing performance and IP69K/IP65 ingress protection to meet the needs to combat water, chemical and dust resistance – and those of specific industrial health and safety requirements.

Core Capabilities / Advantages

Water and dust protection

IP Code or Ingress Protection Code is defined in IEC 60529 which classifies and provides a guideline to the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water.

Water and dust protection - Winmate Food & Beverage Industrial PC Solutions
Mechanical design - Winmate Food & Beverage Industrial PC Solutions

Mechanical design

All Winmate’s  products are designed in-house and are provided with innovative & forward thinking when it comes to their design around functionality. The new P-Series Panel PC and Display features waterproof conduit pipe that offers extra protection internally.  The custom, watertight conduit pipe is integrated to give an additional layer of protection to peripheral cables inter-connected with the industrial Panel PC.

Operational safety

The integral air vent valve comes with an automatic mechanical system to act as a safety feature that controls and maintains pressure without manual assistance to avoid air-related problems.

Operational safety - Winmate Food & Beverage Industrial PC Solutions
Signature true flat design - Winmate Food & Beverage Industrial PC Solutions

Signature true flat design

For provision around ease of clean and prevention of liquid droplets.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding uses optically clear resin to affix a protective glass overlay or touchscreen to the front surface of the LCD. Filling the air gap between the touch overlay and the LCD reduces parallax between the surfaces, increasing contrast, colour quality and viewing angles.

Optical Bonding - Winmate Food & Beverage Industrial PC Solutions


Stainless Heavy Industrial Yoke Mount

Mounting – Yoke Mount

The Yoke mount provides an excellent workstation positioning platform for various industrial needs.

The mounting system can be utilised such that PC can be attached to any type of surface and can be enabled to provide optimum viewing angles with side adjustment knobs. The optionally available ‘Benchtop Mounting Package’ provides completely stability around unwanted motion & makes it possible for cables to be fed through from the PC right into the mounting area in a neat (unsightly) fashion.

Stainless Heavy Industrial ARM Mount

Stainless Industrial Arm Mount

Winmate’s industrial arm mount system enables the display to be positioned above and away from work areas, still providing for an solid workstation platform that is ideally suited for ‘busy’ environments but where the display needs to be cleared viewed

Friction joints allow the monitor to be easily repositioned, while knob tilt locks and a ‘low-bounce’ design provide a stable platform for use. The system is rated for displays up to 45 kg (circa 100 lbs.).

Industrial Mount Features:

  • Stainless steel material with ingress protection (IP) design
  • Cable entrance aperture design
  • Junction box for efficient cabling arrangement and protection


Food Hygienic Application 1
Food Processing
Food Hygienic Application 2
Machine Controller
Food Hygienic Application 3
Beverages Sorting Stations
Food Hygienic Application 4
Operator Control
Food Hygienic Application 5
Bottling and Packaging
Food Hygienic Application 6
Chemical Industry
Industrial Food  Solutions


The Stainless Series Panel PCs combine an elegant design with a rugged build for industrial food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. Embrace flexible mounting options, high performance, and IP69K/IP65 standards for ultimate water and dust resistance.

Food Industrial Solutions

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