YUAN VPP6N0 Series: NVIDIA Jetson PCs for Cutting-Edge AI Video Processing

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: NVIDIA Jetson PCs for Cutting-Edge AI Video Processing
Yuan VPP6N0 Series: NVIDIA Jetson PCs for Cutting-Edge AI Video Processing

YUAN’s VPP6N0 NVIDIA Jetson Systems:
Empowering AI-Driven Video Processing Solutions

YUAN’s cutting-edge video processing platforms are revolutionizing the way we capture, record, stream, and analyse videos. Among their impressive product line-up, the VPP6N0 series stands out as a pinnacle of integrated AI-driven video processing solutions, leveraging the power of NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin series.

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: NVIDIA Jetson PCs for Cutting-Edge AI Video Processing

Yuan’s VPP6N0 systems are powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson Orin series, which includes a range of embedded modules such as IGX Orin, Jetson AGX Orin, Jetson Orin NX, and Jetson Orin Nano. With AI video processing capabilities ranging from 20 TOPS to 700 TOPS, they deliver exceptional performance. Enhanced by YUAN’s comprehensive range of video capture modules and exclusive NexVDO video development SDK, these systems can effortlessly handle multiple video channels for capture, recording, streaming, and analysis.

This ground-breaking technology empowers developers and system integrators across various industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation, and logistics, to deploy AI applications effectively. Furthermore, it fuels comprehensive business transformation and drives overall performance improvement.

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: NVIDIA Jetson PCs for Cutting-Edge AI Video Processing

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: Product Line

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 IGX


700 TOPS of AI Computing with NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 AGX


Highly Integrated AI Server, Provides 275 TOPS

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 NX


Rugged and Fanless, up to 100 / 70 TOPS

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 NX 5G


5G Dual Channel for Stable & Fast Communication

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 S NX


Compact & Fan-less Edge AI Platform, Up to 100

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 S NX 5G


4K60 + 5G & Edge AI, Up to 100 TOPS

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 S NX PSE


4×PSE for IP Camera & Edge AI, Up to 100 TOPS

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs - VPP6N0 S NANO


Entry Edge AI, up to 40/20 TOPS

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: Features

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 4

Professional HW/SW Customization Services

YUAN is a trusted leader in hardware design, backed by decades of manufacturing expertise. Our innovative solutions include Jetson Orin™ carrier boards and complete AI system boxes. We take pride in delivering exceptional technical support and customized software development services in the ProAV industry. Our comprehensive AI application solutions cater to the specific needs of our valued clients.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 5

NVIDIA’s OEM Partner

By collaborating closely with NVIDIA, we have developed the VPP6N0 series, which incorporates cutting-edge technology for intelligent visual solutions. This remarkable product delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of applications, catering to various use cases and demands.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 6

Flexible Video Input Configurations

VPP leverages YUAN’s video capture cards to seamlessly integrate multiple devices with diverse interfaces such as SDI, HDMI, GMSL, VGA, YPbPr, AVS, and Ethernet. This allows for flexible image inputs and provides a wide range of configuration options for enhanced versatility.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 7

Rich AI Pre-Trained Models

We provide over 40 AI models to accelerate the adoption of AI for our customers. Additionally, we work hand in hand with them to improve the accuracy and capabilities of video analysis.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 8

Powerful NexVDO SDK Support

Our platform offers a seamless integration of video pre-processing and post-processing techniques. With features like low-latency RDMA capture, colour conversion, deinterlacing, and efficient display, you can enhance your video content effortlessly. We also provide encoding/decoding technologies for popular formats like H.26X and AV1, along with built-in modules for versatile recording modes and streaming protocols. This enables developers to efficiently handle multi-channel 4K60 video tasks, including capture, recording, streaming, and AI analysis.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 9


YUAN’s VPP6N0 series is designed to provide powerful video processing capabilities by integrating NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules. With a focus on optimal performance and efficiency, this intelligent video processing platform caters to a wide range of industries. It enables customers to harness the potential of AI technology and overcome challenges in their domains, while ensuring seamless integration and maximum benefits.

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: Technology

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 10

Advanced AV1 4:4:4 Codec Core

The VPP6N0 block utilizes cutting-edge AV1 4:4:4 encoding and decoding technology, guaranteeing minimal loss in compression and preserving the finest intricacies of the video content. Additionally, it delivers faster transmission speeds and enhanced visual clarity.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 11

NVIDIA GPUDirect and GPUDirect RDMA Technology

Experience the power of the VPP6N0 series, an advanced solution that seamlessly integrates with NVIDIA GPUDirect and GPUDirect Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technologies. Elevate your performance with enhanced image access and reduced CPU loading, transforming your video applications with unrivalled speed and ultra-low latency.

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PCs 12

Exclusive 5G Low-Latency Streaming Technology

Introducing the VPP6N0, a cutting-edge device powered by the Orin NX platform. With its advanced multi-channel 5G module design, it enables seamless long-range video transmission. This remarkable device boasts exceptional capabilities including 4K60 4:4:4 video capture, state-of-the-art H26X and AV1 encoding, and the revolutionary SkyLink X streaming technology developed by YUAN. The VPP6N0 guarantees ultra-low latency of less than 50ms, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience from capture to display. Whether you’re controlling a drone or an autonomous vehicle, the VPP6N0 is the perfect solution to meet your remote control needs.

Edge AI + IoT = AIoT Computing from BVM

Edge AI

NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2, Xavier and Orin Comparison and FAQ


Custom Carrier Board
Design Service

Custom Carrier Board and Custom PCB Design

Yuan VPP6N0 Series: Applications

Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 1
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications2
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 3
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 4
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 5
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 6
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 7
Yuan NVIDIA Jetson PC Applications 8

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