EN45545 is a European standard that specifies the requirements for fire behaviour of materials and components used in railway applications. The full title of the standard is “Railway applications – Fire protection on railway vehicles.” It was developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) to ensure a consistent level of fire safety across different railway systems and vehicles within the European Union.

EN45545 defines various aspects related to fire safety, including:

  1. Fire Resistance: The standard sets criteria for the fire resistance of materials and components, ensuring they can withstand exposure to fire for a specified duration without compromising structural integrity.
  2. Smoke and Toxicity: EN45545 includes requirements for the amount of smoke and toxic gases emitted during a fire, aiming to minimize the potential hazards to passengers and personnel.
  3. Flammability: The standard categorizes materials based on their flammability characteristics and specifies limits on flame spread and heat release rates.
  4. Toxicity Testing: It outlines testing methods and criteria for assessing the toxicity of gases released during combustion.
  5. Heat Release: EN45545 addresses the rate at which heat is released during a fire, which can impact the spread and intensity of a fire event.
  6. Fire Behaviour: The standard takes into account the behaviour of materials and components when exposed to different fire scenarios, such as ignition, flame spread, and smoke generation.
  7. Testing Procedures: EN45545 provides specific test methods and protocols to assess the fire behaviour of materials and components under controlled conditions.

The goal of EN45545 is to improve the safety of railway passengers and personnel in case of a fire incident by setting standardized requirements for fire performance across all types of railway vehicles and systems. The standard has been widely adopted in the European rail industry and is used to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations for new and existing railway vehicles.

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