Embedded Customisation of Windows 10 Images (Part 2)

Embedded Customisation of Windows 10 Images (Part 2)

BVM Embedded Software Services

Working with you to Create your Windows 10 IoT Image of Choice

Our embedded operating system integration services are intended to allow our customers to concentrate on their own immediate business needs, either by completing the O/S in its entirety for you or – providing the help & guidance needed for our clients to develop and configure their own images.

In the instance where you may need a helping hand from BVM, the process of generating a Windows 10 IoT LTSC image starts with BVM supplying a standard “generic” Windows 10 IoT image on the hardware platform that’s being purchased. You then configure the supplied hardware platform with your software, Windows configurations & setup, customised as you require.

The hardware platform is then shipped back to BVM for embedded configuring and imaging. Here the product key is injected into the image and the Windows 10 IoT embedded features e.g. write filter, embedded shell etc. are enabled. These embedded features are configured by either command line or registry entries using BVM custom configuration scripts.

Windows features such as disabling of Windows updates and Windows defender, removal of features incompatible with use in an embedded system and features for when Windows 10 is used as a desktop operating system are modified for use in embedded environment.

The image is then resealed ready for imaging and duplication – and the Windows 10 image returned to you deployed on the hardware platform for evaluation. Following the evaluation, if any adjustments are required – BVM will configure the image accordingly.

Finally, and when you’re happy with the final image version, the Windows 10 image is deployed to the hardware platform by BVM at our Southampton production facility – meaning it can be deployed to the same exacting standards time after time for mass production.

If you’d like to talk to us in helping you to produce your own embedded Microsoft images, our technical & commercial team members will always provide you with valuable but impartial advice. With their collective backgrounds, they’ll provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experiences when & where you need it. We’ll always help you in the first instance and get back to you when additional information is required.

You can either call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team – or E-mail us at sales@bvmltd.co.uk – or use our fast chat / fast answer service on our website www.bvm.co.uk

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When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.