Case Study: Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs with MXM GPUs

Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs with MXM GPUs

Enhancing Theme Park AR Experience with Custom Industrial PCs:
A BVM Case Study

Customer’s Unique Requirements: Elevating AR Ride Performance through Innovative Computing

Our client approached BVM seeking a cutting-edge PC solution for the control of VR (virtual reality) for an augmented reality (AR) ride at one of their premier theme parks. The challenge was to develop an industrial-grade PC system, possessing exceptional processing power inclusive of an integrated a high-performance GPU – with the system to be operationally ran at maximum PC performance for the duration of the ride to provide the ultimate ride experience for park visitors.

Challenges Faced by the Customer: Overcoming overheating and reliability issues

The customer had encountered significant setbacks with their existing AR ride PC’s – inclusive of overheating-induced instability jeopardising not only the ride’s performance but also the seamless, uninterrupted experience to be remembered & cherished by visitors. Additionally, non-repeatability of manufacture (due to short life time availability of internal components) via our client’s selection of & deployment of a consumer grade PC, additionally only available for procurement in high quantities, made replenishment programs (maintenance replacement) difficult for our client to handle.

Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs 1
Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs 2

BVM’s Innovative Design Approach

In response to the challenges presented, BVM engineered a practical solution – a fully customised, compact sized industrial PC designed to surmount the limitations of the existing issues being faced by our client . The key components and features of the bespoke system included:

  • Intel Core i7 (10th Generation) Processor: delivering formidable computing power to capably handle the VR and AR ride’s demands for high end computing power for sustained periods.
  • Mobile NVIDIA GeForce 1080 MXM GPU: A high-performance graphical powerhouse, integrated to enhance the AR ride’s visuals and overall experience.
  • Bespoke chassis design, cooling, and power supply: BVM engineering designed a compact chassis equipped with a bespoke cooling system (heat pipes) and power supply (to specifically handle inrush current) and effectively dissipate heat to ensuring reliable, uninterrupted operation.
  • Industrial-Grade Components: Employing only the use industrial components throughout, the PC was engineered for repeatability of manufacture in low or high quantities with a life time availability program of a minimum of 5~7 years – additionally with end-of-life programs running behind all major components within the design to ensure further sustainability.
Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs 5
Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs 6

Results Achieved: From prototype to enhanced performance solution

BVM’s collaboration with their client led to the production of initial prototype units, equipped with a NVIDIA 1080 MXM GPU, which demonstrated exceptional stability throughout the augmented ride experience – so much so, it led or client to request a further enhanced version of the compact bespoke PC design with the utilisation of the NVIDIA 3080 MXM GPU for future proofing of the PC solution in respect of their software becoming more complex (more demanding) in the general assumption that park visitors would need a more enhanced ride experience as the years progressed.

Theme Park AR Experience Custom Industrial PCs 3

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