Arestech PPC-N Series: Robust and Reliable IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs

Arestech PPC-N Series: Robust and Reliable IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs
Arestech PPC-N Series: Robust and Reliable IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs

Arestech PPC-N Series of IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs

In the world of industrial automation, having reliable and efficient panel PCs is essential. Arestech’s PPC-N Series of IP66 Rugged Aluminium Panel PCs are designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications. With their impressive features and robust construction, these panel PCs offer a high level of performance and versatility.

Optimal Aspect Ratio and LCD Sizes

One of the key advantages of the Arestech’s PPC-N Series is its 4:3 aspect ratio, which is ideal for most industrial automation applications. This aspect ratio ensures that the display is well-suited for viewing critical data and information. Additionally, the PPC-N Series offers LCD sizes ranging from 15 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches, providing flexibility in choosing the right size for specific requirements.

Diverse CPU Choices

Arestech’s PPC-N Series offers a range of CPU choices, including Intel i3, i5 and Celeron processors. The availability of different CPU options allows customers to select the most suitable one based on their performance requirements and budget considerations. Whether it’s a demanding industrial process or a more basic application, the PPC-N Series can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the project.

Touch Options and Easy Integration

To enhance user interaction, Arestech offers both resistive and P-CAP touch models for the PPC-N Series. With these options, users can choose the touch technology that best suits their application requirements. Moreover, thanks to the design of the panel PCs, customers can easily integrate them with any enclosures, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems.

Versatile I/O Connectivity

The PPC-N Series is equipped with rich and versatile I/O connectivity options. It features 2 GbE ports, 4 COM ports, 4 USB ports, and 8 bits Digital I/O, making it capable of fulfilling a wide range of industrial automation applications. With such extensive I/O capabilities, users can connect various devices, peripherals, and sensors to the panel PC, enabling efficient data exchange and control.

Extreme Environment Operation

Industrial environments can be challenging, with fluctuating temperatures and demanding conditions. However, the PPC-N Series is designed to withstand such extreme conditions. With a wide operating temperature range of -20~60°C, these panel PCs can operate reliably even in harsh environments. This ensures uninterrupted performance, regardless of the surrounding temperature fluctuations.

Flexible Power Input and Mounting Options

Arestech’s PPC-N Series is designed to provide flexibility in terms of power input and mounting options. It supports 9~36VDC power input, allowing for easy integration into a wide range of power systems commonly found in industrial settings. Additionally, the PPC-N Series supports both VESA and panel mountings, enabling users to choose the most suitable mounting method based on their specific installation requirements.

Arestech PPC-N Series: Robust and Reliable IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs

Arestech’s PPC-N Series of IP66 Aluminium Panel PCs offer an impressive array of features that make them an excellent choice for industrial automation applications. With their optimal aspect ratio, diverse CPU choices, touch options, versatile I/O connectivity, ability to withstand extreme environments, and flexible power input and mounting options, these panel PCs deliver top performance, durability, and adaptability. Whether it’s for factory automation, process control, or other industrial applications, the PPC-N Series is sure to meet the demands of any project.

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Intel Core i5-7200UPPC-N157P-1A1PPC-N157R-1A1PPC-N177P-1A1PPC-N177R-1A1PPC-N197P-1A1PPC-N197R-1A1
Intel Core i3-7100UPPC-N157P-2A1PPC-N157R-2A1PPC-N177P-2A1PPC-N177R-2A1PPC-N197P-2A1PPC-N197R-2A1
Intel Pentium N4200PPC-N153P-1A1PPC-N153R-1A1PPC-N173P-1A1PPC-N173R-1A1PPC-N193P-1A1PPC-N193R-1A1
Intel Celeron N3350PPC-N153P-2A1PPC-N153R-2A1PPC-N173P-2A1PPC-N173R-2A1PPC-N193P-2A1PPC-N193R-2A1

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