ASRock Industrial Elkhart Lake NUC 6000 Series


ASRock Industrial Unveils

NUC 6000 BOX Series, iBOX 6000 Series, and NUC 6000 Motherboard Series

with Intel Atom x6000E, Pentium and Celeron CPUs (Elkhart Lake)

ASRock Industrial Computer, a world leader in industrial motherboard and system PC design & manufacture have released new Mini PCs and motherboards powered by Intel Atom x6000E Series, Intel Pentium and Celeron N and J Series Processors (Elkhart Lake). Solutions come in the format of :-

  • NUC 6000 BOX Series
  • iBOX 6000 Series
  • NUC 6000 Motherboard Series

Featuring advanced CPU and graphics performance with integrated IoT features and longevity support, these new series provide rich industrial-centric I/O, including dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, dual display support up to 4K at 60Hz, and dual storage facility with SATA 3.0 and M.2 (Key M, 2242/2260/2280) to accelerate system integration for the next generation of IoT applications for home, business, retail, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation and healthcare – to name but a few.

Intel® Elkhart Lake KV1200x600

NUC 6000 BOX Series

The NUC 6000 BOX Series mini system PC is inclusive of the model, NUC BOX-J6412 – which features Intel’s Celeron Processor J6412 (Elkhart Lake). Additionally, there an optional model available which can be provided upon request – the NUC BOX-J6426, based on Intel Pentium Processor J6426. The series is compact in footprint – 110.0 x 117.5 x 47.85mm (W x D x H) in a fanned barebone format, equipped with a ranNUC BOX EHLL3ge of expansion slots to connect multiple industrial devices. It provides dual Gigabit LAN for Ethernet connectivity, diverse I/O inclusive of :-

  • 2 x USB3.2 Gen2 (Type-C)
  • 2 x USB3.2 Gen2 (Type-A)
  • 1 x USB2.0,
  • 1 x Audio Jack

Visual capabilities are provided through dual displays support – with 1 x HDMI 2.0b and 1 x DP 1.4 up to 4096×2160@60Hz. There are 2 x 260-pin SO-DIMM DDR4 3200MHz to provide up to 32GB of memory and flexible expansion slots including dual storage with 1 x  M.2 (Key M, 2242/2260/2280), 1 x SATA 3.0 and 1 x M.2 (Key E, 2230) for Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, it provides a 19V/65W Power Adaptor and VESA mounting bracket for space-saving installation and TPM for enhanced security.

iBOX 6000 Series

The fanless iBOX 6000 Series provides the model iBOX-J6412, based on Intel’s Celeron Processor J6412 (Elkhart Lake).

Other available optional request models include the iBOX-J6426, iBOX-X6211E, iBOX-X6413E, iBOX-X6425E with respective Intel Pentium J6426, Intel Atom x6211E, x6413E and x6425E processors for computing performance at the edge. The series supports 2 x 260-pin SO-DIMM DDR4 3200MHz to provide up to 32GB of memory with in-band ECC (iBOX-X6211E, iBOX-X6413E, iBOX-X6425E) for secured embedded usage. The series also provides :-IBOX EHL 45 2

  • Dual Gigabit LAN for high-speed Ethernet connectivity
  • 2 x USB3.2 Gen2 (Type-A)
  • 2 x USB3.2 Gen2 (Type-C)
  • 2 x USB2.0
  • Fanless Design

Dual storage options with 1 x M.2 (Key M, 2242/2260/2280) and SATA 3.0, plus 1 x  M.2 (Key E, 2230) with PCIex1 and USB 2.0 for Wi-Fi to enable connectivity to multiple devices.

Visual experience is provided via dual display support, 1 x HDMI 2.0b and 1 x  DP 1.4, DP++ with resolution support  up to 4096×2160@60Hz. Other features include a 19V/65W Power Adaptor, VESA mounting and TPM onboard to meet the needs of most industrial and Edge computing applications.

NUC 6000 Motherboard Series

The NUC 6000 Motherboard Series offers the models NUC-N6210, NUC-J6412, NUC-N6415, NUC-J6426 – respectively powered by Intel Celeron Processors N6210, J6412 and Intel Pentium Processors N6415, J6426 (Elkhart Lake).NUC 1185G7EL2

The series is designed for challenging computing applications via two 260-pin SO-DIMM DDR4 3200MHz to provide up to 32GB of memory. Dual Gigabit LAN is available for network connectivity – and :- 

  • 4 x USB 3.2 Gen2,
  • 4 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x COM (RS232/422/485).

Display capability is enabled via 1 x HDMI 2.0b and 1 x DP 1.4 ports, giving resolution support up to 4096×2160@60Hz. There are also expansion slots in the form of 1 x M.2 Key M, 2242/2260/2280, 1 x  SATA 3.0 and 1 x M.2 Key E, 2230 for Wi-Fi. The NUC 6000 Motherboard series supports power input across 12V to 19V DC-in as well as onboard TPM for security.  

Intel Elkhart LakeNUC 6000 BOX SeriesiBOX 6000 SeriesNUC 6000 Motherboard Series
Celeron J6412NUC BOX-J6412iBOX-J6412NUC-J6412
Celeron N6210NUC-N6210
Pentium J6426NUC BOX-J6426 (optional)iBOX-J6426 (optional)NUC-J6426
Pentium N6415NUC-N6415
Atom x6211EiBOX-X6211E (optional)
Atom x6413EiBOX-X6413E (optional)
Atom x6425EiBOX-X6425E (optional)

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