DFI Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems

DFI Industrial Computers

DFI Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems

Rugged Embedded Computers for Multi-Purposes

Embedded computers, also known as industrial computers, embedded systems, or industrial PCs, are specifically designed to perform a single task as part of the device they’re embedded in. These computers are built to be cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting. They are able to operate at low power consumption and withstand harsh conditions, making them more durable than consumer-grade computers. Embedded computers are dedicated equipment that is essential for many industrial applications.

Why DFI Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems?

DFI are committed to producing high-quality embedded computers that are essential for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, digital signage, intelligent transportation, and military purposes. These computers are designed to be reliable and purposeful, with features that make them suitable for a variety of demanding environments.

Small Form Factor Industrial and Embedded Systems

DFI offers a range of small but powerful embedded computers for space-limited applications, including a Ryzen Pi Box, Intel Pi box, NUC-sized mini PC and other compact embedded computers. These devices provide exceptional performance and versatility in a compact package.

DFI rail Industrial Computers

DFI’s Industrial Computers

High Reliability

High Reliability

Compact Fanless Design

Compact & Fanless Design

Rich IO Connectivity

Rich I/O Connectivity

Ultra Compact Fanless Industrial Embedded Computers

Ultra Compact Fanless Industrial Computers

DFI are dedicated to developing small and lightweight, yet powerful fanless PC’s that offer a perfect blend of impressive design and excellent computing capabilities. These industrial computers are based on high-end Intel Core i7/i5/i3 and AMD Ryzen series processors, providing outstanding processing power in a compact, fanless enclosure. They are suitable for use in space-limited environments and for compute-intensive solutions in smart factories, digital healthcare, and surveillance, and are designed to bring a new level of innovation to the IPC market.

Fanless Embedded Industrial Computers

DFI’s fanless embedded systems, including fanless embedded computers and fanless box PCs, are powered by advanced processors and offer low power consumption in a compact size. These systems feature efficient fanless thermal solutions and are designed with an IP30 rating, wide voltage input and extended operating temperature – making them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

Embedded Fanless Industrial Embedded Computers
AI Inference and Training Industrial Embedded Computers

AI Inference / Training Systems

DFI offers a range of AI-enabled systems powered by NVIDIA Jetson CPU/GPUs that can be customised to meet your specific needs. These products come equipped with extensive I/O interfaces and have the scalability for 5G and storage modules, making them suitable for a wide range of applications including factory automation, industrial robots, AI vision, ADAS, smart healthcare, and more.

PCIe Performance Industrial Computers

DFI’s performance PC’s with PCIe expansion are designed to be smaller and more reliable than regular commercial PC’s, while still offering powerful computing capabilities. These compact systems are equipped with PCIe expansion and are able to deliver advanced graphics and computing performance to meet a variety of requirements. Unlike fanless systems, these performance PCs are able to operate at full capacity and provide the performance needed for demanding applications.

Performance Compact Industrial Embedded Computers
DFI Medical Industrial Computers

Application-Specific Industrial Computers

DFI has created a range of Application-Specific Systems to help system integrators (SI’s) quickly integrate software and hardware for specific applications such as intelligent transportation, medical and gaming. These systems are optimized for a variety of diverse applications and are designed to reduce integration efforts and shorten time-to-market for SI’s.

DFI are available to provide support and fulfil customized requirements upon request, helping to speed up lead times and meet your specific needs.

Railway Industrial Embedded Computers

Railway Industrial Computers

DFI’s railway IPC systems are designed to provide high versatility and reliability for today’s complex rolling stock operations. Equipped with NVIDIA MXM modules and 5G capabilities, these systems are capable of handling autonomous driving and AI vision in the IoT ecosystem. In addition, they are equipped with all the necessary standards and features for railway systems, including the EN50155 EU railway standard, multiple M.2’s and mini PCIe interfaces (for LTE, 5G, WiFi/BT, GNSS, CAN bus, and MVB), as well as a wide operational temperature and voltage range (77-137.5V). DFI are dedicated to meeting the needs of the railway industry with reliable and flexible systems.

In-vehicle Industrial Computers

DFI’s In-vehicle computers are designed with reliability and MIL-STD anti-vibration in mind, making them small and lightweight, and low in power consumption. These systems are certified to E-Mark (E-13) providing a high level of non-emission of electromagnetic waves. To enable real-time data analysis, these systems are equipped with Mini PCIe and M.2 expansion ports for additional connectivity such as 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GNSS, and CAN-Bus. Their wide temperature and voltage range, as well as in-vehicle power management, ensure stability and impressive endurance in harsh environments.

In vehicle Industrial Embedded Computers
Medical Industrial Embedded Computers

Medical Industrial Computers

DFI’s medical computing systems are designed to be high-performing and compact, making them suitable for use in a variety of medical applications. They feature onboard 4K display ports and expansion slots for high-resolution imaging capabilities, as well as nano-silver coatings that provide sterilising power. The fanless cooling design ensures noise-free operation, making these systems ideal for use in nursing carts, healthcare information systems and medical OEM equipment integration. DFI’s medical computing systems are designed with one goal in mind: to ensure the best possible patient care.

Gaming Industrial Computers

DFI’s latest box systems are designed to meet the trend of compact and modern designs in the gaming, casino and recreation industries. These systems feature a slim 63mm (2.5″) depth and a wall mount design, making them more space-efficient than ever before. They offer expandability through various I/O interfaces that are vertically installed, allowing for easy configuration and multi-purpose peripherals. Attention to detail has been paid to cable design to ensure safety and aesthetics. GLI-certified BIOS and NV Memory also ensure that data can be retained for up to five years after power off.

Gaming Industrial Embedded Computers

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