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About Jetway Industrial

Jetway Industrial is a company that specialises in the development, production and sales of professional industrial motherboard computing solutions – and associated peripherals.

Main products include industrial embedded motherboards, industrial system (box) PC’s, rack-mount servers and industrial flat-TFT display panel PC’s. The company also offers OEM, ODM and CEM (contract electronic manufacturing)  services to  global customers through its regional system integrators and agent channels.

As a world-renowned IPC supplier, Jetway are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and continually improving its services. Their products meet a broad spectrum of international safety standards and are certified to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 quality assurance systems. Jetway have an innovative R&D team with a capability of designing customised products in a timely manner to ensure products get to market on time. 

The company places a strong emphasis on the value, quality and service  – and right from the design phase, Jetway aim to create high-performance, high-quality and cost-effective products for its customers – with a commitment to provide value through every product it offers.

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Jetway Industrial System (Box) PCs

Jetway Industrial and Embedded System PCs offer pre-configured solutions that are ready to deploy, including a range of fanless and fanned systems suitable for a variety of industrial automation, in-vehicle and rail certified applications. These PCs come equipped with a range of customisable features such as a processor and I/O, memory, storage and operating system – all tailored to meet your specific application needs.

Jetway Industrial Panel PCs

Jetway IPC Panel PCs are designed for industrial applications, featuring resistive and pCAP touchscreen options for interactivity. Available in sizes starting at a 7″ TFT, these PCs are equipped with the latest Intel iCore and low-powered Atom processors and are suitable for a range of specialised applications, including medical, harsh and rugged environments, transportation and building control.

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Jetway Mini-ITX Motherboards

The Mini-ITX format (6.7″ x 6.7″ / 170mm x 170mm) is the most popular among industrial motherboard families due to manufactured volumes, making the motherboard a cost-effective solution. Jetway offer Intel low-powered Atom and high-powered core series or AMD Ryzen formats, offering a wide range of I/O support for connecting to other embedded devices and instrumentation.

Jetway Motherboards and SBCs

Industrial embedded motherboards and SBCs come in a variety of form factors, including Mini-ITX, 3.5″ SBCs, NUC and Pico-ITX modules. Jetway offer industrial motherboards on long-term availability programs (typically 3-5 years) and are designed to function in both ambient conditions (0°C to 50°C) and harsh environments (-40°C to +85°C), making them more durable than their commercial counterparts.

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