DFI Industrial Motherboards and Single Board Computers

DFI Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Motherboards Drive Automation

DFI‘s Industrial Motherboards used in a variety of applications, including those those that are static (internal/external) and for in-motion (such as in-vehicle or on railways).

Industrial motherboards are used to power a growing number of devices, enabling automation and machine learning capabilities. These motherboards are required to operate reliably and have a long lifespan, as well as the ability to withstand harsh environments.

Why DFI Industrial Motherboards?

In the age of Industry 4.0, smart devices and equipment are expected to not only be stable and durable, but also innovative and able to bring cutting-edge concepts to life. DFI are a reliable partner for industrial automation, digital signage, healthcare, retail, and military solutions.

Small Form Factor Motherboards and SBCs

DFI offer a range of innovative, small but powerful industrial motherboards for edge AI applications such as the “industrial Pi”, “AMD Ryzen Pi”, “industrial PoE Pi” and auto warm-up AI vision motherboards. These motherboards are designed to deliver powerful computing capabilities in a compact form factor, making them suitable for use in a variety of applications requiring advanced AI capabilities at the edge.

Automation Industrial Motherboards

DFI Industrial Motherboards for Industrial Automation, Smart City, Transportation, and Healthcare

DFI offers a wide range of industrial motherboards in various form factors, from their compact 1.8″ SBC to their powerful dual-processor EATX motherboards. These motherboards are designed to provide the computing power needed across a variety of industries, including industrial automation, smart city, transportation, and healthcare.

Industrial Automation and Control Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Automation:

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automatic Mobile Robots (AMRs), Overhead Hoist Transfers (OHTs), industrial robots, Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARAs), material handling systems, food sorting systems, Automatic Optical Inspections (AOIs), machine vision and digital signage are all applications that can benefit from the use of industrial motherboards. These motherboards provide the computing power needed to drive automation and enable advanced capabilities in these systems.

SMART City Industrial Motherboards

Smart City:

Applications such as facial recognition, last-mile delivery robots, ATM systems, parcel locker stations, meeting room systems, aircraft calculators, broadcasting systems, networking systems, and building management systems can all benefit from the use of industrial motherboards. These motherboards provide the computing power needed to drive automation and enable advanced capabilities in these systems.

Transportation and SMART City  Industrial Motherboards


Applications such as maritime monitoring, highway surveillance, airport digital signage and AI workstations can all benefit from the use of industrial motherboards. These motherboards provide the computing power needed to drive automation and enable advanced capabilities in these systems.

Medical and SMART Healthcare  Industrial Motherboards


Applications such as MRI, CT, surgical imaging, ultrasonic medical machines, disinfection robots, medical video recorders, patient monitors, X-ray imaging, medicine sorting, and drug barcode scanners can all benefit from the use of industrial motherboards. These motherboards provide the computing power needed to drive automation and enable advanced capabilities in these systems.

DFI’s Industrial Motherboard and SBCs

1.8"  Industrial Motherboards

1.8″ SBC

The 1.8” Single Board Computers (SBC) are motherboards in an ultra-small and lightweight Pi size. DFI’s 1.8” SBC series is embedded with processors in x86 architecture to deliver robust power at a smaller footprint for Intelligent Edge Computing.

2.5″ Pico-ITX

DFI’s Pico-ITX SBC board (100 x 72 mm) supports low power consumption and fanless design with rich I/O connectivity in order to target space-limited embedded applications and IoT gateways.

Pico-itx Industrial Motherboards
3.5" Industrial Motherboards

3.5″ SBC

DFI’s 3.5″ embedded SBC board (146 x 102 mm) is provided with rich I/O, and supports variety of connectivity options. Extended operating temperatures and a wide input voltage range are industrial features that can meet most of industrial grade applications.

4″ SBC

DFI’s 4″ SBC board has a size of 165mm x 115mm. This proprietary form factor with rich I/O expansion capability and slim compact designs can serve the customer whose equipment is installed within a variety of challenging applications.

4" Industrial Motherboards
Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboards


The Mini-ITX motherboard is currently the most popular form factor in numerous industries as its the smallest form factor (170mm x 170mm) that provides PCIe x16 or MXM slots for GPU card expansion. With a rich I/O ports and interfaces that can fulfil diverse applications required by a wide range of industries, mini-ITX strikes a perfect balance of functionality and performance.


Referred to as μATX, uATX, or mATX, this motherboard measures 244mm x 244mm (9.6″ × 9.6″). Numerous industries require high-performance computing and multi-tasking capability to control devices in the production line or to display high-resolution medical images efficiently. A sufficient number of ports/interfaces on the motherboard is a must to be able to connect with the required sensors and devices.

micro atx Industrial Motherboards
atx Industrial Motherboards


DFI’s ATX (measuring 305mm x 244mm) embedded motherboards feature a high computing capability, rich I/O connectivity, high integration, and great expandability for graphics cards, motion control cards, and memory. Robust processors and add-on powerful GPU make them an ideal solution for industrial automation and medical imaging and applications for machine vision, MRI, and CT imaging that require reliability & add-on-card expansion.

Automation Industrial Motherboards

DFI’s Industrial Expansion Modules

DFI provides a wide range of expansion modules, from the latest M.2 interface to the Mini PCIe and LPC, to quickly integrate required interfaces like LAN, COM, USB, SIM, SATA and M.2 on industrial motherboards. 

  • 11.4V – 12.6V DC to DC Converters
  • 20.4V – 25.2V DC to DC Converters
  • 6V – 30V DC to DC Converters
  • 9V – 36V DC to DC Converters
  • CAN Bus Modules
  • COM/Parallel Extension Modules
  • EXT-DP Module Boards
  • EXT-HDMI Module Boards
  • EXT-VGA Module Boards
  • Gaming I/O Board
  • IPMI/VGA Module Card
  • LAN Extension Cards
  • LPC Extension Modules
  • M.2 PSE Port Modules
  • M.2 Serial Port Modules
  • M.2 to SATA Cards
  • M.2 to USB Cards
  • M.2-LAN Port Modules
  • Mini PCIe Modules
  • Mini PCIe to M.2 Modules
  • mSATA to SATA Modules
  • Riser card, 1 PCIe x16 (PCIe x16 signal)
  • Riser Card, 2 PCIe x16 (PCIe x8 signal)
  • Riser Cards, 1 Mini PCIe, 1 PCIe x1, 1 PCI
  • Riser Cards, 1 Mini PCIe, 2 PCI
  • Riser Cards, 1 PCIe x16
  • Riser Cards, 1 PCIe x16, 2 PCI
  • Riser Cards, 2 PCIe x4
  • Riser Cards, 2 PCIe x8 (x1 signal)
  • Riser Cards, 3 PCI, 1 Mini PCIe
  • SDVO-LVDS Module Boards
  • SIM Card Module

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