IEI ITG-100-AL X5-E3930 Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

The ITG-100-AL uses Intel Atom X5-E3930 1.3GHz (burst speed up to 1.8GHz, dual core – TDP 6.5W) and provides up to 8GB memory (DDR3L SO-DIMM).

IEI ITG-100-AL Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

Ultra-compact Size

Where space limitation is a constraint, the IEI ITG-100-AL not only provides a palm-sized design to meet the tightest of space availabilities, but also comes with a capable selection of I/O ports.

IEI ITG-100-AL Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

The ITG-100-AL is operational across diverse range of temperatures, from -20°C through to +60℃, making it the perfect solution in the role of a data collection gateway across a variety of internal or external applications.

Expansion of functionality for connectivity…….

In response to the growing demand for PC devices to expand on their standard functionality, the ITG-100-AL is equipped with a full-size PCIe Mini slot for 3G and 4G cellular connectivity  – and a M.2 A-key slot for Wi-Fi to provide expansion with ease of access.

IEI ITG-100-AL Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

Additional I/O and storage expansion via modular design……

Additional ‘block layers’ can be added to achieve additional i/o interfacing options and/or data storage facility. With the choices of adding a 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD bay, a ‘knockout-hole layer’ with selectable I/O – or even both of the afore-mentioned options, the ITG-100-AL can be modularised to fit user preference whilst still retaining a compact size.

IEI ITG-100-AL Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

Intelligent Data Collection Gateway

Typically, when making the consideration to the deployment of an IoT Gateway, the following aspects need to be considered for industrial purposes :- 

  • Collection of large amounts of data from sensors
  • The handling, computing and analysation of large amounts of data
  • On computation, delivering (networking) the data to other machines & devices
  • Ensuring data security protection

The iEi ITG-100-AL Atom CPU has the capability to network data to intelligent machinery post analysis. The devices rich mixture of i/o interfaces and expansion options allows the user to connect  a number of devices simultaneously to ensure the realisation of smart manufacturing practices.

Additionally, iEi also offer ITG-100AI to combine with an AI accelerator card to implement an AI inference system for object detection.

IEI ITG-100-AL Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

Application: EV Charging Station Gateway

Because the IEI ITG-100-AL supports operational temperatures of -20°C to +60°C, the PC is being used to enable the connectivity of EV charging units and sensor monitoring  in (what’s considered to be) a critical environment. As an IoT gateway, the ITG-100 collects, analyses and transfers data through to the control centre via wireless connectivity.

IEI ITG-100-AL Ultra-compact Edge Computing System

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