APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series: Revolutionizing SMART Manufacturing

APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series: Revolutionizing SMART Manufacturing

Introducing the APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series

Within the realms of smart manufacturing where efficiencies, connectivity and flexibilities are vital, APLEX’s AUHMI Series Panel PCs have emerged as a smart and versatile Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution.

Designed to streamline industrial automation and control processes, the AUHMI Series offer a wide range of features that enhance productivity and facilitate efficient operation. With their compact sizing, high bright TFT screens, robust construction and powerful processors, the AUHMI Series Panel PC’s are here to make real differences to the world of smart manufacturing.

APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series: Application Areas

The APLEX AUHMI Series Panel PCs meets a wide range of applications across a variety of industrial sectors – here are some key areas where the AUHMI Series excels :

  • Industrial Automation and Control: AUHMI Series Panel PC’s are frequently deployed as the central intelligence to serve industrial automation and control systems. They provide real-time monitoring, data visualisation and control capability, enabling factory operations to streamline processes, promote efficiencies and better production.
  • SMART Factory: The AUHMI Series of Touchscreen Panel PCs enable the integration and control of various automated systems, such as robotics, sensors and data analytics.
  • Production Line Monitoring: AUHMI Series Panel PCs are frequently deployed in a role for the  monitoring and management of production lines. They provide a centralised interface for monitoring production status, tracking & controlling key metrics and identifying potential bottlenecks or issues. Real-time visualisation and data analytics enable proactive decision-making, improving overall production line performances.
  • Quality Control and Inspection: With their powerful processors and high-resolution screens, the AUHMI Series Panel PCs facilitate good QA processes. Line operators can closely monitor product quality, review inspection results and make real-time adjustments to ensure quality standards are maintained throughout.
  • Facility Management: With their robust construction and versatile connectivity options, the AUHMI Series Panel PCs are ideal for facility management applications. They’re used to monitor and control various parameters within building environment control, such as HVAC, lighting, security and access control to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.
APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series: Revolutionizing SMART Manufacturing

APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series: Key Features

The APLEX AUHMI Series Panel PCs offer a range of models with impressive features and capabilities. Let’s delve into the key features of the series:

  • Compact Size and High Brightness Screens: TheAUHMI Series Panel PCs come in 10.1″, 15.6″ and 21.5″ sizes, offering options to suit various application requirements. With high brightness screens up to 1,000 nits (optional), these Panel PCs ensure excellent visibility even in challenging lighting conditions, enhancing user experience and readability.
  • Robust Construction and Fanless Design: Designed to withstand demanding industrial environments, the AUHMI Series Panel PCs feature a flat front panel touch screen with an IP66-rated front bezel, providing protection against dust, water and potential damage. The fanless design ensures silent operation, reduces maintenance needs and eliminates the risk of fan failure, ensuring uninterrupted performance.
  • Powerful Processor and Expandable Memory: Equipped with the 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake Core i3/i5 processors, the AUHMI Series Panel PCs deliver exceptional performance, enabling fast data processing and multitasking capabilities. The 2 x 260Pin SO-DIMM DDR4 slots support memory expansion of up to 64GB at 3200MHz, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of resource-intensive applications.
  • Wide-Ranging Power Input and Expansion Options: The AUHMI Series Panel PCs feature a DC 9~36V wide-ranging power input, ensuring compatibility with various power sources commonly found in industrial settings. The full-size mini-PCIe and M.2 slots allow for expandability and customization, facilitating the addition of multiple expansion cards to increase I/O availability and meet specific application requirements.
  • Enhanced Connectivity and Security: The AUHMI Series Panel PCs offer multiple internet connectivity platforms, including WiFi 6, 5G, LTE, Bluetooth and Gigabit LAN. This ensures seamless communication and integration within smart manufacturing ecosystems. Moreover, with TPM2.0 hardware security support, these Panel PCs provide robust data protection and safeguard sensitive industrial information.
  • Temperature Options and Additional Features: The AUHMI Series Panel PCs are available in standard operational temperature versions of 0°C to 50°C, suitable for most industrial environments. Additionally, optional wide temperature versions (-20°C to +60°C) are offered for applications that require operation in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Battery Backup UPS: The optional backup battery allows for extended remote working and controlled shutdown, ensuring continuous operation even during power interruptions.
APLEX AUHMI Panel PC Series: Revolutionizing SMART Manufacturing

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