ASRock Industrial iEP-7020E 13th Gen Industrial IoT Controller: The Future of Automation

ASRock Industrial iEP-7020E 13th Gen Industrial IoT Controller: The Future of Industrial Automation

Introducing the ASRock Industrial iEP-7020E Rugged Industrial IoT Controller

In a world where industrial automation and Internet of Things (IoT) are advancing by leaps and bounds, ASRock Industrial presents the iEP-7020E 13th Gen Raptor Lake Rugged Industrial IoT Controller. With unparalleled toughness and cutting-edge performance, this series is poised to revolutionize industrial computing.

Discover the iEP 7020E Series – Power Packed with Options

The iEP-7020E series comes in three distinct SKUs, each tailored for specific industrial needs:

  • The iEP-7020E-000 Series: The basic SKU that forms the bedrock of the series.
  • The iEP-7020E-001 Series: Comes with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for simplified wiring and efficient power distribution.
  • The iEP-7020E-002 Series: Features 5 x LAN ports for extensive networking requirements.

Advanced Specifications for Robust Operations

The ASRock Industrial controller boasts top-of-the-line specs to handle even the most demanding tasks:

  • Intel 13th Gen Core Embedded & Industrial Processors: Offering a selection of 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors, such as the Intel Core i7-1365URE and the powerful Intel Core i7-1370PRE, this controller delivers performance with up to 14 cores at a low power consumption of 15W to 28W.
  • Scalable Power and Performance: Tailored for edge controllers, the system’s BGA packaging ensures a sturdy built that scales across power requirements.
  • Superior Graphics: High performance Intel Iris Xe Graphics architecture provides superior visual capabilities, ideal for intensive graphics processing.
  • Fan-less and Rugged Design: Designed to withstand the rigors of the industrial environments with a fan-less construction, reducing mechanical failure points.
  • Wide Temperature Operating Range: It operates confidently in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.
  • Versatile Power Input: The unit accepts a 9V to 36VDC wide range power input, offering flexibility across various power supplies.
  • Real-Time Computing Support: Features like Intel TCC and TSN are geared towards enhancing real-time computing performance.
  • Connectivity and Support: With 3 x Intel i226-IT LAN that supports vPro and 2 x Intel i210-AT LAN that supports IEEE 802.3AF PoE, connectivity is both advanced and reliable.
  • Memory Reliability: Support for Intel IN-Band ECC ensures data integrity and reliability during operations.
SystemiEP-7020E-000 Series
Basic SKU
iEP-7020E-001 Series
iEP-7020E-002 Series
CPU13th Gen Intel Core i7/i5 Embedded and Industrial Processors (RPL-P)
MemoryDDR4 3200 Dual SO-DIMM, up to 64G (Support In-Band ECC)
Storage• 1 x M.2 2280 Key M• 1 x M.2 2280 Key M• 1 x M.2 2280 Key M
• 1 x 2.5” 9.5mm SSD
Ethernet• 3 x Intel I226-IT• 3 x Intel I226-IT• 3 x Intel I226-IT
• 2 x Intel I210-AT• 2 x Intel I210-AT
PoEN/ASupport IEEE 802.3AF PoE (I210-AT)N/A
Mount• Wall Mount• Wall Mount• Wall Mount
(Option)• VESA Mount• DIN-Rail• VESA Mount
 • DIN-Rail • DIN-Rail
ASRock iEP-7020E 13th Gen Raptor Lake Industrial IoT Controller for Intelligent Control at the Edge
ASRock Industrial iEPF-9010S / iEP-9010E 12th Gen Alder Lake Edge AIoT Platform
ASRock Industrial iEPF 9020S EY4 iEP 9020E Series Robust Edge AIoT Platform
ASRock Industrial iEPF-9020S-EY4/iEP-9020E Series Robust Edge AIoT Platform

Application Areas

The ASRock Industrial iEP-7020E excels in various application areas, each benefitting from its robust feature set:

  • Industrial Automation: Increases production efficiency and reliability, while reducing costs in automated manufacturing settings.
  • Smart City Infrastructure: Powers the backbone of smart city solutions, from traffic control to public safety monitoring.
  • Energy Sector: Streamlines operations in energy production and distribution, with enhanced data handling and analytics.
  • Healthcare Systems: Provides the computing backbone for critical healthcare infrastructure, ensuring real-time data processing and patient monitoring.
  • Transportation and Fleet Management: Optimises logistics and fleet operations with robust computing and reliable data communication.
ASRock Industrial iEP-7020E 13th Gen Industrial IoT Controller: The Future of Industrial Automation

Get the ASRock iEP-7020E Series for Your Industrial Needs

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ASRock iEP-7020E Series Industrial IoT Controller

  • Intel 13th Gen Core Industrial Processors (Raptor Lake-P)
    • Intel Core i7-1365URE, 10C, 1.70GHz, 15W
    • Intel Core i5-1345URE, 10C, 1.40GHJz, 15W
    • Intel Core i7-1370PRE, 14C, 1.90GHz, 28W
    • Intel Core i5-1350PRE, 12C, 1.80GHz, 28W
  • Scalable power and performance in BGA for edge controller
  • High performance Intel® Iris Xe Graphics architecture
  • Fan-less and Rugged Design
  • [Basic/5LAN-WIFI SKU] Wide Operating Temperature: -40 °C to 70 °C (15W CPU)
  • [PoE SKU] Wide Operating Temperature: -40 °C to 50 °C
  • [Basic/5LAN/5G SKU] 9-36VDC Wide Range Power Input
  • [PoE SKU] 19-36VDC Wide Range Power Input
  • Intel® TCC and TSN Support for Real-Time Computing
  • 3 x Intel i226-IT LAN (One support vPro)
  • 2 x Intel i210-AT LAN (Support IEEE 802.3AF PoE)
  • Support Intel® IN-Band ECC
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