IEI TANK-XM811: AI Development Kit – High Performance AI at the Edge

IEI TANK-XM811: AI Development Kit - High Performance AI at the Edge

Unleashing AI Potential: The IEI TANK-XM811 AI Development Kit

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence and IoT, the demand for powerful and versatile development kits has never been higher. The IEI TANK-XM811 AI Development Kit emerges as a cutting-edge solution for developers, engineered to accelerate the creation and deployment of AI applications. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this AI Dev. Kit a game-changer in the industry.

Revolutionizing AI Development

The TANK-XM811 AI Dev. Kit is not just a tool; it’s an innovation powerhouse. At its heart lies the 13th generation “Raptor Lake” Intel Core processors paired with the Intel R680E chipset. Leveraging Intel 7 process technology, this developer kit boasts up to 16 cores and 24 threads with Intel Hybrid Technology, ensuring exceptional multi-threaded performance for the most complex AI tasks.

Intel 13th Gen Hybrid Technology: Elevating CPU Performance and Efficiency

Leveraging the innovative Intel Hybrid Technology, the CPU architecture unifies two specialized core types: the high-performance cores (P-cores) and the energy-efficient cores (E-cores). This strategic composition is designed to enhance both single-thread (ST) and multi-thread (MT) performance, providing an adaptive response to varying computing demands. The unique capabilities of each core type facilitate higher operational efficiency, reduce power usage, and maintain cooler system temperatures.

Key Advantages for AI, IoT and Multitasking Workloads:

  • P-cores: Boosting Single-Thread Proficiency

    • Enhance IoT workloads with superior ST performance.
    • Optimize light-threaded tasks for responsive, fast execution.
  • E-cores: Mastering Multi-Thread Management

    • Boost MT performance for intensive background tasks.
    • Support efficient, simultaneous multitasking operations.
    • Ensure dedicated throughput for MT-focused activities.
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Hybrid Technology
IEI TANK XM811 AIoT Developer Kit icon 7
Improved Workflow
IEI TANK XM811 AIoT Developer Kit icon 8
Power Saving

High-Speed, Low-Latency Performance

With support for PCI Express 4.0, the TANK-XM811 AI Development Kit doubles the data throughput, offering low latency and swift network and data transmission speeds. The inclusion of optional Wi-Fi 6E extends its capabilities even further, providing versatile connectivity options for varying development environments.

IEI TANK-XM811 Specifications

Below are the key specifications of the IEI TANK-XM811 AI Development Kit:

  • Model Name: IEI TANK-XM811AI-RPL 13th Gen Raptor Lake-S AI Developer Kit
  • Supported CPUs include:
    • Intel Core i9-13900TE with a base of 1.0GHz (up to 5.0GHz), with 24 cores (8P+16E), and a 35W TDP.
    • Intel Core i7-13700TE operating at 1.1GHz (up to 4.8GHz) with 16 cores (8P+8E) with a 35W TDP.
  • Network connectivity: 2 x 2.5G Ethernet ports.
  • Expansion: A variety of internal expansion boards for selective and customized extensions.

A Rich Array of I/O Choices

Flexibility is a cornerstone of the TANK-XM811 AI Dev. Kit. Its comprehensive I/O design includes:

  • Dual independent 4K display ports (HDMI and DP++) for stunning visual outputs.
  • Six COM ports and eight USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, addressing a vast range of peripheral and accessory connectivity needs.
  • Two 2.5GbE LAN ports to ensure reliable and rapid network connections.
  • Two PCIe x8 slots, plus the potential for additional I/O expansion cards such as PoE LAN, and M.2 A-Key or B-key for edge AI applications.
IEI TANK-XM811: AI Development Kit - High Performance AI at the Edge

Elevated Graphics and AI Performance

Intel Iris Xe graphics integration augments the developer kit with superior GPU computing performance for visually-intensive tasks. Paired with the power of the Intel OpenVINO Toolkit and Intel Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU) accelerator cards or Intel ARC Accelerator GPUs, the kit is primed to enhance AI performance across various applications.

  • Half-Height, Half-Length, Single-slot compact size
  • Low power consumption ,approximate 25W
  • Supported OpenVINO toolkit, AI edge computing ready device
  • Eight Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU can execute multiple topologies simultaneously.
Mustang V100 MX8
  • 3.50 TFLOPs at Single Precision
  • PCIe 4.0 x8, with Common 3.0 Backwards Compatibility
  • 8x Ray Trace Cores
  • 6GB GDDR6
  • 4x mini-DP 2.0 Ready with Audio Support
  • 50w Peak Power in a Single Slot Form Factor
intel arc pro a40 v2
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Empowering Diverse Application Areas

The TANK-XM811 AI Dev. Kit is perfectly suited for a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Automated business processes that require intelligent and fast decision-making systems.
  • Inference computing for real-time data analysis and pattern recognition.
  • Advanced data analytics in sectors such as healthcare, finance, and smart cities.
  • Development and testing of AI algorithms in academic and research institutions.

Ready to Elevate Your AI Projects?

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IEI TANK-XM811AI-RPL: Key Features

  • Supported CPUs:
    • Intel Core i9-13900TE 1.0GHz (up to 5.0GHz, 24-Core (8P+16E), TDP 35W)
    • Intel Core i7-13700TE 1.1GHz (up to 4.8GHz, 16-Core (8P+8E), TDP 35W)
  • 2 x 2.5G Ethernet ports
  • Multiple USB ports and serial ports
  • Multiple internal expansion boards for flexible selection
IEI TANK-XM811AI-RPL: Key Features

IEI Din Rail Mount AI Edge Devices: Low Power High Performance Computers


IEI DRPC-W-EHL: Compact and Robust DIN-Rail Embedded System

The IEI DRPC-W-EHL is a highly reliable, fanless embedded system designed to fit in the most space-constrained environments thanks to its DIN-rail, palm-size form factor. Engineered to operate with an Intel Celeron J6412 processor, it maintains stability in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C, lending itself to a variety of industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • Processor: Intel Celeron J6412 delivers dependable performance.
  • Compact Size: DIN-rail palm-size design accommodates limited space.
  • Temperature Range: Fanless operation from -20°C to 60°C.
  • Connectivity:
    • Dual 2.5 GbE for high-speed networking.
    • Two USB 3.2 ports for fast data transfers.
  • Display Outputs: Supports dual displays through HDMI & DP connections.
  • Wireless Expansion:
    • 1 x M.2 A key 2230 slot for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth modules.
    • 1 x M.2 B key slot ready for 5G connectivity.


IEI DRPC-W-TGL: High-Performance Tiger Lake DIN-Rail Embedded System

Harness the power of Intel’s Tiger Lake processors with the IEI DRPC-W-TGL, a fanless and powerful embedded system optimal for sophisticated industrial applications. Boasting a range of CPUs from Intel Core i7-1185G7E to Intel Celeron 6305, it packs ample processing prowess in a small, DIN-rail mountable package that thrives in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C.

Key Features:

  • Processor Options: Range from Intel Core i7-1185G7E to Intel Celeron 6305.
  • Palm-Size Design: Designed for places where space is at a premium.
  • Robust and Fanless: Works uninterruptedly between -20°C to 60°C.
  • Enhanced Connectivity:
    • Three 2.5 GbE ports for extensive networking capabilities.
    • Four USB 3.2 ports providing high-speed interfaces for peripherals.
  • Multiple Displays: Triple display support with 2 HDMI ports & 1 DP.
  • Wireless Module Slots:
    • 1 x M.2 A key 2230 for integrating Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.
    • 1 x M.2 B key slot designed for 5G applications.

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