DFI High Performance MXM PCs: Advanced Graphics and Versatile Expandability

DFI High Performance MXM PCs: Advanced Graphics and Versatile Expandability

Unleashing Computing Power with DFI High-Performance Embedded PC Systems

DFI’s high-performance MXM industrial PC systems are at the forefront of industrial computing. Leveraging Intel core series processor platforms, these embedded systems deliver exceptional graphics handling capabilities and offer a wide range of expandability and extensive I/O (LAN/PoE/USB) options.

With their modular design, they provide the flexibility to meet diverse application requirements, making them a reliable choice for demanding industrial environments.

Empowering Deep Learning for Industrial Automation, Transportation  and Rail

DFI’s high-performance embedded PC systems with MXM support are adaptable for use in a multitude of industries. These robust systems are especially suitable for deep learning applications in  Industrial automationtransportation, and rail and  Their computing power and exceptional capabilities make them indispensable for optimising industrial processes and empowering deep learning neural networks.

  • Deep Learning: DFI’s high-performance embedded PC systems are well-suited for deep learning applications. DFI’s PC systems support AI acceleration, enabling efficient training and inference processes. With powerful GPU support, multiple expansion slots and advanced connectivity options, they provide the computing power and flexibility required for deep learning tasks in application fields such as computer vision, natural language processing and data analytics.
  • Industrial Automation: DFI’s high-performance embedded systems with MXM GPU interfacing are ideal in aiding industrial automation applications. These systems provide advanced computing capabilities, extensive I/O connectivity and versatile expandability making them ideal for processes that require robust and reliable computing power.
  • Transportation: DFI’s embedded PC systems are designed to excel in transportation applications. Whether it’s in-vehicle computing, fleet management or intelligent transportation systems, these systems offer high-performance computing, AI acceleration and connectivity options such as 5G and cellular support, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in a variety of transportation applications where ‘on the move’ communication is required.
  • Rail: DFI’s ruggedised embedded PC systems are built to withstand the challenging  conditions the rail industry demands. With features like extended operating temperature ranges and shock/vibration resistance, these PC’s provide reliable computing for rail applications inclusive of internal train control systems, passenger information systems and onboard surveillance.

In Detail : DFI’s High-Performance Embedded System PC Series with MXM interfacing on board

  • DT200-CS High Performance Embedded PC :  This DT220-CS is powered by 8th/9th Generation Intel Core processors and offers multiple display interfacing, AI acceleration capabilities with support for up to 110W GPU MXM modules and a variety of I/O connectivity. The DT220-CS also features M.2 B key 3052 5G cellular module support making it an excellent choice for industrial automation applications.
  • EC300-CS AI-Enabled, PoE High-Performance PC System with 5G support: The PC is equipped with 8th/9th Generation Intel Core processors and features 4 x RJ45 type PoE ports for efficient power delivery over ethernet. The EC300-CS supports AI acceleration with up to 115W GPU MXM modules and provides multiple expansion slots for connectivity such as 5G cellular connectivity. With an extended operating temperature range and robust design, the EC300-CS delivers exceptional performance to meet challenging industrial environments.
  • RC-300-CS AI-Enabled Railway PC System: Engineered for railway applications, the RC-300-CS features 8th/9th Generation Intel Core Processors, 4 x M12 X-coded PoE ports, and support for up to 115W GPU MXM modules. Offering multiple expansion slots for 3G/LTE/5G cellular connectivity to provide seamless integration and extended operating temperature range and swappable 2.5″ SSD storage bays, the RC-300-CS  ensures reliability and convenience in railway environments.
  • VC300-CS AI-Enabled,  5G Support, In-Vehicle PC: Designed with 8th/9th Generation Intel Core Processors, the VC300-CS rugged in-vehicle PC comes with 4 x 802.3af PoE ports and supports AI acceleration with up to 150W GPU MXM modules. Offering multiple expansion slots to facilitate 3G/LTE/5G cellular support and an extended operating temperature range, the VC300-CS provides reliable performance for any kind of in-vehicle PC application. 

Harness the Power of DFI High-Performance Embedded Systems

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