Jetway HB651I215 Series: Rugged 12/13th Gen Wide Temp Rugged Box PCs

Jetway HB651I215 Series: Rugged 12/13th Gen Wide Temp Rugged Box PCs

Introducing the Jetway HB651I215 Series: A Powerful and Durable Wide Temp Box PC

Are you in need of a reliable and high-performance industrial and embedded computing solution? Look no further! BVM is proud to present the Jetway HB651I215 Series Alder Lake / Raptor Lake Wide Temp Box PC. With its impressive specifications and cutting-edge technology, this box PC is designed to meet your most demanding computing needs.

  • Powerful Processing Power: At the heart of the Jetway HB651I215 Series is the Intel 12/13th (Alder Lake-S/Raptor Lake-S) LGA1700 Socket Processor. With a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of 65W, this processor delivers exceptional performance while ensuring efficient power consumption. Whether you’re running resource-intensive applications or multitasking with ease, this processor is up to the task.
  • Robust Architecture: The Intel Q670E chipset provides a solid foundation for the Jetway HB651I215 Series, enabling seamless communication between components and ensuring optimal system performance. Combined with the advanced DDR5 memory technology, with support for up to 64GB of RAM operating at impressive frequencies of 4800MHz/5600MHz, you can expect smooth and responsive operations for your industrial and embedded computing needs.
  • Enhanced Connectivity, Expansion and Graphics Capabilities: Connectivity is key in the modern computing landscape, and the Jetway HB651I215 Series doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with two 2.5GbE Ethernet Ports, you can effortlessly establish fast and reliable network connections. The multiple M.2 slots (M-key, E-key, and B-key) provide ample storage options for your data and enable the integration of various expansion modules. Additionally, the single PCI Express x16 (Gen.4) slot allows for further customization and flexibility according to your specific requirements.
  • Take advantage of the exceptional graphics capabilities of the Jetway HB651I215 Series. With two HDMI and two DisplayPort outputs, you can connect up to four displays simultaneously. Whether you’re working with sophisticated visualizations, digital signage, or multitasking across multiple screens, this box PC ensures a seamless and immersive user experience.
  • Extensive I/O Options: The Jetway HB651I215 Series offers a wide range of I/O options to cater to your connectivity needs. With two RS232/422/485 ports, four RS232 ports, four USB3.2 (Gen.2) ports, and four USB2.0 ports, you can effortlessly connect a variety of peripheral devices, such as printers, scanners, and input devices. This level of versatility ensures compatibility and smooth operation across your entire computing ecosystem.
  • Compact and Durable Design: The Jetway HB651I215 Series not only offers a compact form factor and robust construction, but it also provides wide temperature support. With an impressive wide temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius, this industrial-grade device can thrive in extreme operating conditions. Whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, the HB651I215 Series will continue to perform reliably, making it an excellent choice for industrial environments where temperature variations are a concern.
Jetway HB651I215 Series: Rugged 12/13th Gen Wide Temp Rugged Box PCs

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Jetway HB651I215 Series Alder Lake / Raptor Lake Wide Temp Box PC

  • Intel® 12/13th (Alder Lake-S/Raptor Lake-S) LGA1700 Socket Processor (Max. 65W TDP)
  • Intel® Q670E chipset
  • 2* DDR5 4800MHz/5600MHz SO-DIMM up to 64GB
  • 2* 2.5GbE Ethernet Ports
  • 2* M.2 M-key, 1* M.2 E-key, 1* M.2 B-key
  • Single PCI Express x16 (Gen.4)
  • 2* HDMI, 2* DP support Quad displays
  • 2* RS232/422/485, 4* RS232, 4* USB3.2 (Gen.2), 4* USB2.0
  • Dimensions: 306 * 199 * 79 mm
  • Adapter DC19V/120W
Jetway HB651I215 Series Alder Lake / Raptor Lake Wide Temp Box PC

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