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Jetway IPC

Jetway IPC

Jetway, founded in 1986, is a prominent player in the manufacturing of Industrial Motherboards, Embedded Systems, Panel PCs and Industrial Computing Peripherals. With their headquarters in Taiwan, Jetway have established a global presence including subsidiaries in China, the United States, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Product lines offered by Jetway are diverse and cater to a variety of industries. They specialise in the manufacturing of Motherboards, Embedded Systems, Single-Board Computers, Industrial PCs, Network Security Appliances and Digital Signage Solutions – and with a continual focus on research and development, have positioned them as an industry leader in providing innovative and reliable products that meet the demanding requirements of their intended industry verticals.

  • Motherboards: Jetway offers a range of high-quality motherboards designed to meet the specific needs of diverse industries, ensuring reliable performance and innovative features.
  • Embedded Systems: Jetway specializes in manufacturing embedded systems tailored to the unique requirements of various industries, providing cutting-edge solutions for integrated computing needs.
  • Single-Board Computers: Jetway’s single-board computers are engineered to deliver superior performance and versatility, meeting the demands of industrial applications with innovative design and robust features.
  • Industrial PCs: Jetway’s industrial PCs are crafted to endure challenging environments, offering reliability and advanced functionality for industrial computing needs.
  • Network Security Appliances: Jetway develops network security appliances to provide robust protection and performance, catering to the stringent security demands of modern industries.
  • Digital Signage Solutions: Jetway’s digital signage solutions are designed to deliver impactful visual experiences, offering versatile and reliable solutions for diverse signage applications.

Quality is always at the core of Jetway’s operations, evident through their compliances with industry standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. By maintaining these certifications, Jetway has demonstrated its commitment to delivering products that adhere to rigorous quality control procedures.

Their customer-centric approach has made them a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. Whether it’s an Industrial Motherboard or an Embedded System, customers can rely on Jetway’s expertise and innovation to always meet their specific needs.

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