Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

Optimize Your Applications with Neousys 12th/13th Gen Rugged Industrial Computers

Neousys Technology continues to stay ahead of the pack as one of the pioneers to release an Intel 12th-Gen Core rugged computer, the Nuvo-9000 series in 2022. Receiving positive feedback and reviews from customers and partners alike, Neousys possess a wide portfolio of Intel 13th/12th-Gen Core platforms.

Their product offerings include platforms for supporting cutting-edge NVIDIA RTX GPU cards, ingress protected (and certified) systems and in-vehicle PC’s to meet a variety of vertical market challenges – for deployment in factory automation, robotics, transportation and military based applications.

Why choose Neousys when using Intel 13th/12th-Gen Platforms?

Exceptional All-around Thermal Solution for Maximum Performance

Continuing Neousys’ expertise in fanless PC design, Neousys’ Intel 13th/12th-Gen Platforms feature comprehensive thermal designs for use of DDR5 memory and M.2 NVMe storage modules. Engineered cooling allows the support for a 130W GPU card and enables operation for ambient temperatures between -25°C to +70°C with 100% CPU load without performance degradation,  providing twice the computational performance when compared to previous Intel 9th-Gen platforms.

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Product Highlights

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

Computational Performance Boost

Benefited by Intel 13th/12th-Gen hybrid processors offering up to 24 cores/ 32 threads for optimal performance.

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

Thermal and Mechanical Advantages

Neousys possesses one of the best-in-class thermal dissipation efficiencies for CPU/ DDR5/ NVMe within their system PC products.

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

I/O Performance Upgrade

The Nuvo-9000 series comes with 2.5G Ethernet and supports up to 6x GigE PoE+ ports. There’s also a USB 3.2 Gen2x2 Type-C port for ultra-fast external storage data transfer.

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Industrial Computers for Cutting-edge Embedded Computing Applications

Flexible Expansion

Neousys patented ‘Cassette’ and ‘MezIO’ modules allow the installation of function-specific expansion modules for USB, Ethernet, motion control and frame grabber cards, removing additional costs for product customisation

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Neousys Applications Automation


Neousys Intel 13th/12th-Gen compact fanless computers deliver exceptional performances – even in confined spaces. With a rich abundance of i/o functionality and support for wireless communication modules, they’re perfect solutions for factory automation and robotics applications.

Neousys Applications Vision

Machine Vision

Neousys Intel 13th/12th-Gen platforms provide high performance for executing image capture and deep-learning vision for production line QA inspection.

Neousys Applications Logistics


With a compact footprint, low-power consumption and high TOPS/ TFLOPS inference performances, Neousys Intel 13th/12th-Gen industrial embedded computers increase efficiencies where 24/7 operation is needed. They minimise the deployment of man power within production lines to warehouses for applications such as VGR (vision guided robotics), AGVs (automated guided vehicles), AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) and semi/ long-haul trucks.

Neousys Applications Vehicle


With compliance to MIL-STD-810G, connector screw-lock mechanisms, ignition power control and wireless communication module support, Neousys Intel 13th/12th Gen platforms are ideal in-vehicle controllers.

Neousys Applications Mobile Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance

Featuring powerful GPU inference performance, multiple GbE PoE+ ports for cameras and MIL-STD-810G to withstand shock and vibration conditions, the Neousys GC Series is ideal for mobile surveillance applications, such as law enforcement and intelligent video analytics in moving vehicles.

Neousys 12th/13th Gen Fanless Industrial Computers

High-performance Compact Fanless Computers

Nuvo 9531 1

Nuvo-9531 Series

Intel 13th/12th-Gen Core Compact Fanless Computer

• 212 x 165 x 63 mm low-profile design
• 4x 2.5GbE and 4x USB3.2
• 1x hot-swappable HDD Tray

The Nuvo-9531 Series may be the ideal solution. This compact fanless computer features 4x 2.5GbE and 4x USB3.2 ports, as well as a hot-swappable HDD tray, making it a highly flexible device for a range of applications.

Nuvo 9501 1

Nuvo-9501 Series

Intel 13th/12th-Gen Core Compact Fanless Computer

• 3.5″ HDD in compact system
• 2x 2.5GbE and 4x USB3.2
• Affordable cost with 12th Core i performance

The Nuvo-9501 Series is a compact fanless computer that features 2x 2.5GbE and 4x USB3.2 ports, making it a powerful and versatile device for a wide range of applications. With its fanless design, it is also suitable for use in harsh environments where dust and debris may be present.

All-around Performance

Superior Edge Inference Applications

Nuvo 9000 Series 1

Nuvo-9000 Series

Intel 12th-Gen Core Fanless Industrial Computer

• Up to 5x 2.5GbE and 1x GigE ports with optional PoE+
• Patented Cassette for PCI/PCIe add-on card
• MezIO interface for easy function expansion

The Nuvo-9000 Series is another Intel 13th/12th-Gen Core fanless industrial PC that boasts 6x GbE and USB 3.2 Type-C ports, as well as patented Cassette and MezIO interfaces. These features make it a highly customizable and adaptable device that can be configured to meet the specific needs of different industrial applications.

Nuvo 9160GC 1

Nuvo-9160GC Series

Intel 12th-Gen Core Ruggedized AI Inference Computer

• Support NVIDIA RTX series GPU card up to 130W TDP
• -25°C to 60°C wide temperature rugged operation
• 5x 2.5GbE and 1xGbE with optional PoE+

The Nuvo-9160GC Series is a ruggedized AI inference platform that supports 130W NVIDIA RTX GPU and Intel 13th/12th-Gen Core Processor. This device is specifically designed for use in demanding AI applications that require high-performance computing power, such as machine learning, computer vision, and autonomous vehicles.

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