Neousys Nuvo-10108GC: The Ultimate Edge AI Platform for GPU-intensive Workloads

Neousys Nuvo-10108GC: The Ultimate Edge AI Platform for GPU-intensive Workloads

Neousys’s Nuvo-10108GC: The Ultimate Edge AI Platform for GPU-intensive Workloads

In the world of autonomous driving and AI-powered factory automation, deployment of a ruggedised Edge AI computer possessing both exceptional CPU and GPU performance is crucial. With years of industrial experience in producing ruggedised industrial PC solutions to meet real customer applications and needs, Neousys Technology have developed its latest offering in the form of the Nuvo-10108GC, their flagship product in addressing challenging AI workloads.

Provision of Extreme Computing Performances Where Needed

At the heart of the Nuvo-10108GC lies a Intel 13th/12th-Gen CPU, consequently delivering impressive computing power with up to 24 cores and 32 threads making it ideal for demanding AI applications – for applications such as automated driving or urban traffic analysis.

The Nuvo-10108GC is also equipped with a single 350W NVIDIA RTX GPU where users can choose between the state-of-the-art RTX 40 series or the latest RTX 6000 Ada GPU, dependent on their specific requirements. The choice of GPU’s provide impressive single-precision performances of up to 48 TFLOPS or 91 TFLOPS, respectively. Whether you’re dealing with complex visual recognition algorithms or real-time data processing, the Nuvo-10108GC will capably handle applications in a wide variety of areas.

Designed to Withstand the Toughest of Environments

A primary ‘standout’ feature of the Nuvo-10108GC is its rugged design; engineered to perform in extreme conditions, this AI platform reliably operates in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +60°C. The wide-temperature range operation allows the Nuvo-10108GC to operate in harsh environments where most PC’s available on the market, wouldn’t.

Additionally, the Nuvo-10108GC incorporates an innovative (patented) GPU locking bracket to secure the graphics card remains firmly where it should within the chassis. This feature ensures complete stability even in applications where there’s a subjection to continuous shock & vibration – at high frequencies.

Versatility of I/O

The Nuvo-10108GC provides a wide array of i/o options to accommodate a multitude of connectivity requirements. By default, the system includes 6x USB3.2 Gen2 ports, 3x 2.5GbE/GbE interfaces – and 1x optional 10GbE port for high-speed data transfer, all to enable the integration of multiple peripheral devices and efficient data acquisition for analysis.

Expandability-wise the Nuvo-10108GC provides 3x additional PCIe slots. By example, the slots can be utilised for GMSL2/industrial camera frame grabbers or other add-on cards enabling adaptability of the system for specific, exacting application needs. Additionally, the Nuvo-10108GC features 2x full-size mini PCI Express (PCIe) sockets to provide interfacing for features such as  CAN bus, COM and WiFi. The platform also provides 1x M.2 B key socket for mobile connectivity with 4G LTE or 5G NR modules.

Storage Capability

The Nuvo-10108GC provides an M.2 2280 Key-M interface for Gen4x4 NVMe, ensuring rapid-fast read and write speeds. The platform also provides dual front-accessible storage options inclusive of  a 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD and optional for an additional M.2 2280 Gen 4×4 NVMe tray.

Neousys Nuvo 10108GC and Nuvo 10208GC

Harnessing Intel’s 13th/12th-Gen processors, cutting-edge NVIDIA RTX GPU’s – and Neousys’ reliable industrial-grade design, the Nuvo-10108GC excels as a rugged edge AI platform. Combined with the systems GPU and CPU computing power  – and along with a broad mix of i/o and expansion option, the Nuvo-10108GC is the solution for modern AI applications. Whether you’re exploring autonomous driving, AI-powered factory automation – or any other GPU-intensive workload where autonomous, fast calculation and decision need to be facilitated, the Nuvo-10108GC is ready to elevate the performance levels you need.

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Neousys Nuvo-10108GC: Key Features

  • Supports single NVIDIA 350W GPU with Gen4 x16 signal and dedicated GPU-locking bracket
  • Intel 13th/ 12th-Gen Core 35W/ 65W LGA1700 CPU
  • Up to 64GB ECC/ non-ECC DDR5 4800 with Intel R680E chipset (2x SODIMM)
  • Three x8 PCIe slots (Gen3 x4) for add-on cards
  • 6x USB 3.2, 2x 2.5GbE, 1x GbE, and 1x optional 10GbE
  • Two front-accessible storage options: 1x 2.5″ SATA tray and 1x optional NVMe tray
  • 8V to 48V wide-range DC input with ignition power control
  • Rugged, -25°C to 60°C operation
Neousys Nuvo-10108GC: Key Features

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