Winmate L140AD-4 14″ Alder Lake Rugged Laptop: Built to Withstand Tough Environments

Winmate L140AD-4: 14″ Alder Lake i5 Rugged Laptop Built to Withstand the Toughest Environments

Introducing Winmate’s L140AD-4 14″ Rugged Laptop

Durable, water-resistant and dustproof – Winmate L140AD-4 rugged laptops are engineered to excel in the harshest environments. These military-grade laptops are designed to provide unwavering performance when it matters most, whether you’re operating in extreme temperatures or navigating rugged terrains.

Winmate L140AD-4: Advanced Features for Enhanced User Experience

Unleashing the power of Intel’s  12th Gen i5-1235U  Alder Lake Processor, the L140AD-4 is equipped to handle even the most demanding tasks, providing 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SODIMM DDR5 RAM, options for selectable memory to make multitasking effortlessly efficient.

The 14″ 1920 x 1080 FHD LED TFT display with direct optical bonding and anti-glare coating technology guarantees excellent visibility (even in direct, bright sunlight) at all times.

Designed to provide for the maximum of uptime, the dual battery system with a hot-swappable design ensures uninterrupted PC running when you really need it.  And the ‘flip’ TFT screen design allows for quick switching to make the rugged laptop design into a rugged tablet providing further PC adaptability when you’re on the go.

The ruggedised magnesium alloy enclosure offers superior drop protection to safeguard your valuable hardware in the most challenging of environments. Additionally, the integrated smart card reader adds an extra layer of security to protect sensitive information, too.

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Winmate L140AD-4: 14″ Alder Lake i5 Rugged Laptop Built to Withstand the Toughest Environments

Winmate L140AD-4: Application Areas

The L140AD-4 ruggedised laptop has already found its way into a number of industrial sectors, including military and defence, automotive diagnostics – and an expansive variety of outdoor operations where an external environment demands robustness. From tactical military operations to automotive troubleshooting, the L140AD-4 is purpose-built to withstand extreme conditions, and provide uninterrupted performance and reliability when it matters most.

  • Military and defence operations: Winmate rugged laptops are designed to meet the stringent requirements of military and defence applications. They can withstand harsh conditions where temperatures can be both diverse and extreme – as well as vibration & impacts making them suitable for use in the field by armed forces personnel.
  • Automotive diagnostics and troubleshooting: The L140AD-4 is ideal for automotive diagnostics workshop environments. With their robust construction and resistance to water, dust, impact and shock, they can withstand the ‘knocks and bangs’ automotive workshops or on-road diagnostics can throw up.  With Intel’s 12th Gen Alder lake solution at its heart, the L140AD-4 high-performance capabilities enable fast and accurate access to data for vehicle maintenance and repair diagnostics.
  • Outdoor field operations: Whether it’s conducting field research, data collection or remote monitoring in the field, the L140AD-4 excel in outdoor field conditions. Their water-resistant and dustproof design ensures reliable operation even in the most of challenging weather conditions. And with the anti-glare technology coatings  – and direct optical bonding applied to the 14″ FHD TFT LED backlit TFT display,  the L140AD-4 provides excellent visibility in bright sunlight enabling users to efficiently work outdoors.

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Key Features

  • i5-1235U – 12th Gen Alder Lake. Intel Processor
  • 14” 1920 x 1080 FHD LED with direct optical bonding
  • Anti­glare technology for sunlight readability
  • Dual battery with hot­ swappable design
  • Flip design for quick switching between rugged laptop and rugged tablet modes
  • Magnesium alloy enclosure with double injection for drop protection
  • Integrated smart card reader
Winmate L140AD-4: 14″ Alder Lake i5 Rugged Laptop Built to Withstand the Toughest Environments

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