Asrock Industrial 13th Gen iBOX PCs: Rugged Solutions for Diverse Industrial Applications

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Asrock Industrial 13th Gen Raptor Lake iBOX Fanless PCs

Asrock Industrial 13th Generation (Raptor Lake – P) iBOX Fanless PC’s are an exceptional series of rugged PCs crafted to provide unparalleled flexibility and adaptability for a  variety of industry applications. With a strong emphasis on reliability and performance, these fanless PCs provide  robust computing solutions tailored to meet the demands of industries operating in challenging environments. Engineered to excel across a wide temperature range of -20ºC to 40ºC, they tackle the most rigorous conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation and optimal efficiency.

The series consists of the following :-

  • iBox-1365UE/D5 and iBox-1365UE/D4 – with Intel 13th Gen (Raptor Lake-P) i7-1365UE
  • iBox-1335UE/D5 and iBox-1335UE/D4 – with Intel 13th Gen (Raptor Lake-P) i5-1335UE
  • iBox-1315UE/D5 and iBox-1315UE/D4 – with Intel 13th Gen (Raptor Lake-P) i3-1315UE

Exploring the Versatility and Key Features of Asrock’s 13th Gen Fanless BOX PCs

With support for up to 32GB DDR5 memory operating at 4800MHz, these PC’s offer ‘blazing’ fast data processing capabilities, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient workload management.

Equipped with an array of connectivity options, including USB4, USB 3.2 Gen2, USB 2.0, M.2 slots, COM ports and SATA3, the 13th Gen Raptor Lake iBOX Fanless Series  offer comprehensive expansion possibilities for peripheral devices and storage.

Additionally, the presence of Intel 2.5 Gigabit LAN ensures high-speed and reliable network connectivity, crucial for data-intensive applications.

The series also supports quad display configuration, providing flexibility for multimedia and visual-intensive applications. With HDMI 2.0b, DP 2.1 and DP 1.4a ports, users can create immersive and dynamic visual experiences. And with onboard TPM 2.0 IC, data security is prioritised to safeguard sensitive information.

Asrock Industrial 13th Gen iBOX PCs: Rugged Solutions for Diverse Industry Applications

Asrock Industrial 13th Gen iBOX Fanless PCs: Typical Application Areas

  • AI Edge Computing: ASRock’s 13th Gen iBOX PC series are at the forefront of AI edge computing, enabling organisations to harness the power of artificial intelligence in real-time applications. These rugged embedded PC’s deliver the necessary computational capabilities to process and analyse data at the edge, allowing for intelligent decision-making, predictive maintenance and efficient resource allocation. Whether it’s deploying AI algorithms for autonomous systems, machine vision or smart surveillance,  ASRock’s 13th Gen iBOX PC series provide the reliability and performance needed to unlock the full potential of AI at the edge.
  • Vision Applications: The advanced processing power of  ASRock’s 13th Gen iBOX PC series makes an excellent choice for vision applications across a variety of industries. From machine vision systems in manufacturing and quality control to intelligent video analytics in security and surveillance, these fanless PCs excel with handling complex visual data. They enable high-speed image processing, real-time object recognition and precise measurement to optimise and enhance product quality and improve safety and security measures.
  • Industrial IoT Solutions: ASRock’s 13th Gen iBOX PC series play a pivotal role in driving Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. These powerful embedded PCs act as edge gateways, seamlessly connecting and aggregating data from IoT devices and sensors in industrial environments to enable operations such as predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and general optimisation of data-driven decision-making for smart factories, logistics and energy management.
  • Embedded Computing Applications: ASRock’s 13th Gen iBOX PC series can be tailored to variety of embedded computing applications. With their rugged design they’re aligned to cope with challenging industrial verticals such as transportation, outdoor/remote installations and harsh environment (extremes of temperature/wet/damp/dusty) industrial settings.

In summary, ASRock’s 13th Gen iBOX PC series compact form factor, extensive connectivity options and robust computing power make them an ideal choice for diverse embedded applications that require long-term reliability and optimal performance.

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Asrock Industrial 13th Gen iBOX PCs: Rugged Solutions for Diverse Industry Applications
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