Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs
for deployment in harsh environments and where strict hygiene standards matter

Winmate IP65, IP67, and IP69K Waterproof Computing Solutions

Winmate, as innovative industrial computing solution provider, manufacture ruggedised tablet PC’s, industrial display systems and touch Panel PC’s that are of robust design to meet applications in industrial automation, defence, energy, transportation and marine environments.

Product development experience in combination with innovative engineering capability, allows Winmate to provide products of the highest quality and reliability, engineered to meet industry-specific requirements and certification.

Winmate’s purpose-built stainless panel PCs are designed to meet strict hygiene and safety standards to aid manufacturing automation processes  – and are no exception to this rule.

Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs come in variety of TFT screen sizes. They’re IP65/IP67/IP69K compliant so they reliably perform in harsh & hazardous environments where dust, dirt, water, oil, grease, bio-fluids and chemicals are prevalent.

Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Corrosion-resistant SUS 316 / AISI 316 Stainless Steels

Hygiene and product safety in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturing industries is critical. Prevention of contamination from alien particles, bacteria and germs are crucial in the avoidance of food waste, food poisoning and general health-concerns. Winmate’s stainless steel chassis and waterproof Panel PC’s with flush-front panel help the PC system in avoiding retention of liquid residue & its accumulation. Simultaneously, this provides a fit for purpose computing solution with easy-to-clean surfaces – as the device can be washed down with water, detergents and acidic/alkaline disinfectants to meet hygienic standards without any degradation to PC’s chassis materials.

Cleaning & Washdown Safety Designs

Occupational health & safety are a priority across a multitude of industries in the provision of safe working conditions to prevent hazards and injuries. Winmate’s industrial panel PC’s are configured with various safety modes such as external waterproof connectors and internal conduit for the protection of wiring during daily washdown practices. Additionally, the IP69K stainless touch panel series come with an air vent valve and an automatic mechanical system control to maintain pressure and avoid air-related problems for cleaning processes that utilise both hot & high-pressure water cleaning.

Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs
Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Fast data input via touchscreen

Winmate hygienic stainless steel touch panels are powered by Intel processors and consequently provide efficient data processing capabilities. Projective capacitive multi-touch screens support ease of use when keying in data, manipulation of on screen images – for rotation, zooming in & out – and drag & drop of files with two or more fingers. The touchscreen modes support both direct hand &  gloved input.

A Broad Variety of Industrial Use Applications

Winmate’s hygienic stainless steel Panel PC series are adaptable for a wide variety of industrial applications; sustainable food production, packaging, cosmetics, meat processing to name but a few. With a waterproof design, Winmate’s stainless steel touch panels deliver outstanding image clarity and are available in a wide range of TFT screen sizes, touch technologies and screen brightnesses – to offer the versatility needed when meeting the needs of industrial automation applications.

Winmate Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Suit your applications with reliable and durable
stainless steel Panel PCs featuring sleek and corrosion resistance design

IP65 Stainless B Series with Push Buttons

IP65 B Series
Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

With emergency push button
Available in 10”-22”

Winmate IP65 Stainless R Series Panel PC

IP65 R Series
Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Sleek round corners
Available in 15”-24”

Winmate IP65 Stainless PCAP Chassis Panel PC

IP65 PCAP Chassis
Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

With true flat design
Available in 15”-24”

Winmate IP67 Resistive Chassis Panel PC

IP67 Resistive Series
Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Protected for water submersion
Available in 10”-19”

Winmate IP69K Stainless PCAP Chassis Panel PC

IP69K PCAP Chassis
Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

Safe for hot water washdown
Available in 10”-24”

Winmate IP69K Stainless P Series Panel PC

IP69K P Series
Stainless Steel Touch Panel PCs

With waterproof conduit pipe
Available in 15”-24”

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