KFI NAUT250 2″ Thermal Panel Printer


• NAUT250 is a 2 inch panel printer with or without integrated controller board.

• The NAU250 is available in two versions: Standard (RS232 + TTL 5V + USB) and Lite (RS232 + TTL 5V).



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The NAUT250 is a 2 inch panel printer with or without integrated controller board. It is the latest addition to KFI’s panel module NAUT family providing performance and ease of use in a robust elegant housing. Its patented retracting cover system makes it particularly suited to a variety of applications such as Medical, Banking and Point of Sale. And the incorporation, by KFI engineering team, of variable input voltage circuitry ensures immediate and seamless integration into the hosting device.


  • Extended input power range
  • Retracting cover system (patented)
  • Easy open paper cover system and robust closure
  • Easy paper loading / drop in system
  • Double tear bar
  • End of paper detection
  • Printer status LED and feed button (all in one)
  • Integrated electronic control board
  • RS232, TTL-5V and USB VCOM connections
  • Full control over printing speed and quality
  • Powerful text printing modes
  • Powerful graphic modes
  • Three sizes of fonts
  • Extended character sets
  • Different types of barcodes supported
  • Emulation: standard and PoS
  • Easy firmware update

NAUT224 2

NAUT324 2

NAUT250 2


  • POS terminals
  • Banking devices
  • Measurement instruments
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Cash deposit
  • Cash dispenser
  • Retail
  • Kiosk
  • Voting


Main features NAUT250L (lite model) NAUT250F (standard model)
Communication Serial RS232 + TTL 5V Serial RS232 + TTL 5V
+ USB virtual COM
Overall dimensions (mm) W90 x D90 x H68
Number of dots 384
Printing resolution (dpi) 203
Printing width (mm) 48
Printing speed (mm/s) 70 75
Paper roll outside diameter (mm) max. 50
Operating Voltage range  (VDC) 5.0 to 8.5 (NAUT250LS/FS)
5.0 to 8.5 and 9.0 to 36.0 (NAUT250LD/FD)
Operating temperature (°C) From 0 to +50
Buffer size (KBytes) 4 16
Memory size, for logos/macros none max 10 macros 63 kBytes each
max, 630 kBytes in total
User font (max 64 kbytes) none max. 2 font
Barcodes code 39 EAN8 EAN13 code 39 EAN8 EAN13
QR code
Other, upon request
International Country characters 11 countries
Installed fonts 3 fonts (16×24, 12×24, 9×24 pixels)
Number of text columns 24, 32, 42, 40
Codepage 437 437
+ Other, upon request
Chinese ideographs none GB18030 (upon request)
Serial RS232 and TTL Molex 53398-0671 on board.
Molex 51021-0600 User side mating connector
USB none Female  USB 2.0 Micro-B
connector on board
Power 5.0 to 8.5V JST-B4B-PH-SM4-TB on board
JST PHR-4 user side mating connector
Power 9.0 to 36V Weidmüller LSF-SMD5.0/2/180 on board or equivalent.
Wires, Stripped threads on user side

Ordering Information

  • NAUT250 FD – Dual Voltage 5-8,5V and 9-36V. Ports: RS232 + TTL 5V + USB
  • NAUT250 FS – Single Voltage 5-8,5V. Ports: RS232 + TTL 5V + USB
  • NAUT250 LD – Lite, Dual Voltage 5-8,5V and 9-36V. Ports: RS232 + TTL 5V
  • NAUT250 LS – Lite, Single Voltage 5-8,5V. Ports: Serial RS232 + TTL 5V


  • Power Cable 5-8,5 V
  • Power Cable 9-36 V
  • Serial Cable RS232
  • Serial Cable TTL / RS232
  • USB cable

KFI Custom Designed Printers

Why KFI Panel Printers?

  • Many OEM panel printers are made from low-cost materials and the door latches can be awkward to operate, often requiring a knack to master them.  Each time you change a paper roll you will appreciate KFI’s unique door opening system; it is just one of the features that sets them apart from other OEMs.
  • KFI’s Autocutter feature is something we’ve not seen before on a panel printer. The majority of panel printers incorporate 5-volt printer mechanisms but, by making use of a 24-volt mechanism with built-in autocutter, it is now possible to have a reliable cutter on a panel printer. Clean, reliable, full or partial cuts every time. 

Datasheet (standard model)


Datasheet (lite model)


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