BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

Industrial and Embedded System Design and Manufacturing Services

In the evolving world of technology, having a reliable embedded system can make the difference between leading the market and lagging behind. BVM is the paramount choice for businesses seeking tailored embedded solutions that span from innovative design to comprehensive development, rigorous testing, and precision manufacturing.

Why Choose BVM for Your Rugged, Industrial and Embedded System Needs

Finding a full-service company that delivers robust, complete embedded solutions can be daunting.
BVM stands out with an exceptional range of products, services, meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

  • Product Traceability and Management: Our approach to product traceability sets us apart. Every product delivered is meticulously documented, allowing full traceability from shipment to delivery. This ensures that our clients can track the lifecycle of each component, enhancing quality control and accountability.
  • Tackling Obsolescence and End of Life Challenges: The industrial sector is often challenged by the rapid pace of technological change, leading to obsolescence issues. BVM is proactive in managing End of Life (EoL) and Last Time Procurement. Our foresight in these matters allows clients to make informed decisions, securing necessary components before they become unavailable, and thus avoiding potential halts in production.
  • Traceability of Shipments and Product Labelling: With a focus on logistics excellence, we ensure clear traceability of shipments, complemented by precise product labeling. Each item is clearly marked, making inventory management and order verification straightforward and reliable.
  • OEM/Branded Packaging and System Branding: Our Device Supply services extend to OEM/Branded packaging, where products are not only protected but also presented in a way that complements our clients’ brand identities. Furthermore, we offer system branding services, allowing for a cohesive and professional appearance for all supplied systems.
  • Custom Labels for Enhanced Brand Visibility: Understanding the importance of brand recognition, BVM offers the creation of custom labels that showcase our clients’ branding. These labels are more than just aesthetic; they are designed for practical identification and asset tracking, adhering to the industrial environment’s demand for durability.
  • User-friendly Online RMA System: BVM’s simple, accessible online RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) system streamlines the process of returns and repairs. We understand that time is critical, and our efficient process minimizes downtime, getting our clients back up and running swiftly.

No matter if your project is still in the conceptual stages or it’s a prototype that’s on the cusp of completion, BVM’s “off the shelf” computing solutions, tailored design and manufacturing services, along with our embedded software solutions, are dedicated to transforming your innovative ideas into a dynamic and efficient product.

BVM: Your partner in precision engineering, where exceptional quality and dedicated support come as standard”

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

Design | Develop | Test | Manufacture

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Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

Embark on a journey of innovation with BVM’s bespoke design services tailored for customers forging new products or refining prototypes:

Adhering to the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system, we ensure that every aspect of our custom designs is meticulously considered. Key factors including power delivery, thermal regulation, resistance to vibration and shock, as well as electromagnetic compatibility for requisite certifications are thoroughly addressed early in the product design process.

A fundamental principle of our design strategy is the focus on Design for Manufacture (DFM). We give utmost importance to creating custom designs that not only meet individual specifications but also ensure efficient and consistent production. By prioritizing manufacturability, we assure both reliability and duplication in our manufacturing processes.

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Build to Order: System Integration and Customisation Services

BVM’s embedded system integration and manufacturing services are designed to cater to the special demands of our clients, allowing for the construction and meticulous evaluation of their products to align with their distinct specifications. We can take an ordinary “off the shelf” system and enhance it into a highly optimized and powerful setup.

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Embedded Software Services

BVM has the capability to set up and deploy a complete embedded operating system tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we offer assistance should you need to transition from your existing operating system to Windows 10 IoT or Windows 11.

  • Image capture and deployment for Windows, Linux, and Android platforms.
  • Custom OS image creation and deployment, tailored to your specifications.
  • Seamless update management and BIOS customization for enhanced functionality.

BVM’s Embedded Operating System integration services enable you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your daily business operations. We offer comprehensive support to handle the entire O/S setup or deliver expert counsel and direction for you to create and customize your own image.


Testing 1


  • Burn in Test
  • Temp / Thermal Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Safety Testing
  • Software Compatibility Test
Lifecycle 1

Materials Management

  • Vendor Selection and Component Procurement
  • Product Traceability
  • Obsolescence, End of Life and Last Time Procurement Management
  • Simple to use on-line RMA System
Logistics 1

Logistics and Tracking

  • Traceability of Shipments
  • Product Labelling
  • OEM/Branded Packaging
  • System Branding
  • Custom Labels
Manufacturing 1

External Manufacturing

  • Surface Mount: – High Speed Placement
  • Conventional Through Hole Insertion & Assembly
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Bespoke PCB Test

“BVM’s bespoke computing solutions — because your unique challenges deserve uniquely tailored technology

BVM Design and Manufacturing Success Stories

BVM’s Design and Manufacturing services have consistently pushed the boundaries of industrial and embedded system technology, delivering tailor-made solutions that elevate businesses to the forefront of their industries. Our case studies reflect the depth of our expertise and the breadth of challenges we have successfully conquered. Here are some highlights from our extensive portfolio of triumphs:

These case studies testify to BVM’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, affirming our status as a leader in industrial and embedded system design and manufacturing. Whether streamlining production, advancing medical technology, soaring through the skies, or transforming logistics, BVM’s customized solutions are at the heart of industry evolution.

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

Partner with BVM for Cutting-edge Innovation

Contact us at BVM for unmatched expertise in Industrial and Embedded Computer Design and Manufacturing. Reach out to our dedicated sales team at 01489 780144 or drop an email to With over three decades of experience, BVM is your premier partner for designing sophisticated industrial and embedded computer hardware, ensuring your projects not only meet but set industry benchmarks.

All Design, Manufacturing & Associated Services


Design to Order: OEM/ODM Embedded Product Design Services

For customers designing a brand-new product from scratch
or working with an existing prototype.


Build to Order: System Integration and Customisation Services​

Take an existing system and we can:

Build to order Racks and Towers, Peli Case PCs and Mini-ITX PCs

Embedded Software Services

Porting, Integration & Deployment


We like to make life easier ….

At BVM, we don’t just supply products, we deliver comprehensive computing solutions tailored to suit your unique requirements. With over 30 years of expertise in the industry, our dedicated sales team is ready to help you through select the perfect rugged, industrial or embedded hardware for your next project.

We supply a wide and diverse range of Industrial and Embedded Systems. From Industrial Motherboards, SBCs and Box PCs, to Rack Mount computers and Industrial Panel PCs. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution that fits, our in-house design team is at your service to craft a customized solution that exceeds your expectations.

You can Call us on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team | E-mail us at | Use our quick contact form here

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.