Rugged Industrial Peli Case PCs: Built to Your Requirements

Rugged Industrial Peli Case PCs: Built to Your Requirements

Build to Order: Rugged Industrial Peli Case PCs

Are you in need of a robust and durable portable computing solution for your industrial application?

Look no further than our Build to Order: Rugged Industrial Peli Case PCs. With a wide range of features via available options around customisation, this level of PC is designed to meet customer  specific needs whilst still ensuring optimal performance and longevity of availability.

  • Tailored to your needs: BVM Peli Case PC’s make use of Peli’s extensive range of enclosure sizes, allowing us to provide a computing solution to suit your footprint (and weight) requirements. Whether you need a compact and portable PC or a larger workstation, we’ll have an available enclosure to fit the application at hand.
  • Powerful Processing: We integrate the latest in embedded computing processors platforms, ranging from low-power Intel Atom to desktop & mobile versions of Intel Core series CPU’s. No matter what the application, we’ll provide a computing engine  that ensures that your PC can handle even the most demanding applications – both in meeting your current demands & those of the future.
  • Interactive TFT Displays: BVM’s Peli-case PCs feature TFT displays in sizes ranging from 7.0″ to 21″, with the option of resistive or projective capacitive (pCAP) touch interactivity. This allows for intuitive and user-friendly interaction – and we can also provide TFT screen enhancements to suit daylight & night time readability in consideration of local environmental conditions.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Stay connected with BVM’s Peli-case solutions. They’re designed to  come equipped with cellular LTE (4G/5G) connectivity for remote working – and/or Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to ensure a seamless data transfer between devices.
  • PC Storage Options: BVM offer a range of storage options with our Peli-case solutions, particularly with a focus on solid-state devices (SSDs) to ensure a non-interrupted experience during portability of device & remaining operational – whether that’s in either ambient or harsh temperature conditions.
  • Further expansion capability : BVM rugged Peli Case PC’s provide options for expansion where needed to ensure adaptability for your evolving needs. With options ranging from mPCI-E, M.2, to PCI-Express, you can easily integrate additional hardware and peripherals to enhance functionality and versatility of solution.
  • Custom Electronics : The uniqueness of BVM’s industrial Pel Case solutions is that we offer the flexibility to incorporate bespoke electronics into the design of your device. If you have specific requirements via the need for BVM to integrate those electronics, our design team will work with you to create a tailored solution, matched with custom cabling to ensure a tidy & accessible internal environment within the PC.
  • Aesthetics: Your Peli Case PC design not only needs to be functional, but straight forward and understandable in its usability. BVM can provide customised labelling or screen printed annodised internal fascia’s to non-ambiguity during use truly, labelling features such as I/O ports and switches to ensure clarity for designated use. 
  • Robust Protection and Security: With ingress protection ratings of up to IP67, our Peli Case PCs are built to withstand the challenging of environments. They offer resistance against dust & water – up to temporary submersion, ensuring valuable hardware remains protected.  Additionally, tamper-proofing features, such as lockable components, provide an added layer of security.
  • Ergonomics : Choose from a selection of handle grips for your Peli Case PC, inclusive of rubberised or plastic options. We prioritise not only the functionality of the PC but also the usability and ergonomics of your system in the promotion of comfortable, transportable system.
  • Reliability, Longevity: Obviously, it’s BVM’s absolute intention to consistently provide systems that are reliable & durable to ensure they’re long-lasting computing solutions for any type of industrial application on the move. However, our Peli Case PC’s are strictly designed to incorporate industrial components only – which means they’re on a 5~7 lifetime availability program with additional follow on programs in place to ensure that once a device/ components goes end of life – there’s a natural replacement coming behind it. 

Example Configurations

The following design configurations highlight a selection of individual applications that BVM has successfully addressed through our industrial Pelicase PC solutions.

We believe these examples will give you a clear understanding of the capabilities we can bring to your specific application requirements.

Application Areas

Here is a list of some of the application areas where rugged portable Peli Case PCs can be used:

  • Industrial Automation: Peli Case PCs are ideal for controlling and monitoring automated processes in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and assembly lines.
  • Field Service and Maintenance: Industrial Peli case PC’s are perfect for technicians and engineers who need a reliable computing solution in harsh field environments, allowing them to perform diagnostics, data collection and equipment maintenance tasks.
  • Oil and Gas Exploration: Peli Case PC’s are built to withstand the extreme conditions encountered around oil rigs and offshore exploration sites. They can sustain vibration, temperature variations and exposure to corrosive substances.
  • Military and Defence: Robust and durable computers for tactical operations, command centres and field communication purposes are application areas where BVM’s Pelicase are being deployed.
  • Emergency and Crisis Response: Industrial Peli case PC’s are invaluable during emergency situations like natural disasters or crisis response operations, enabling & maintaining essential communications, data management and coordination of services.
  • Outdoor Surveying and Exploration: Whether it’s geological surveys, environmental monitoring or mining -BVM’s Peli Case PC’s provide reliable computing power for data collection and analysis in the most remote & rugged of terrains – and stay connected.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of applications where industrial Peli Case PC’s can be deployed due to their abilities in being a durable & bespoke PC solution for applications on the move. 


Customisation, Performance and Reliability

Our Build to Order, Rugged, Portable Peli Case PCs Never Need Resuscitation.

  • Customisation: Produced on the South Coast of England,  BVM’s industrial and embedded systems can be configured to exacting specifications
  • Performance: BVM’s industrial and embedded systems are available in a wide range CPU’s ranging from Intel Atom Celeron to the latest Intel Core series processors
  • Reliability: Constructed via the use of industrial components only, BVM’s industrial and embedded systems are designed to run 24/7 in the harshest of environments – and remain available for long life time availability programs. 

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Rugged Industrial Peli Case PCs are a great alternative to rugged laptops or tablets – providing better protection, IP rating (if required) and space for custom electronics and selectable I/O.

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