Specialist Systems for Hazardous Environments

Specialist Systems for Hazardous Environments

Specialist Embedded Systems for Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Hazardous environments, such as chemical plants, oil refineries, and mining operations, present unique challenges that require specialized systems for optimal performance and safety. At BVM Ltd, we understand the importance of reliable and robust solutions that can withstand extreme conditions.

Understanding the Challenges

In hazardous environments, factors like volatile chemicals, high temperatures, and potential explosions demand exceptional equipment and computing systems. The need for accurate data gathering, real-time monitoring, and precise control is critical to ensure the smooth operation of these complex industrial processes.

Designing for Safety and Efficiency

Our specialist systems are designed to operate safely and effectively in hazardous environments. We prioritize safety features, such as ruggedized casings, temperature and humidity resistance, and explosion-proof components. This ensures that our systems can withstand the harshest conditions without compromising on performance.

Ensuring Reliability in Extreme Conditions

In hazardous environments, reliability is crucial. Interruptions or failures in critical systems can have severe consequences, leading to production downtime, safety hazards, and financial losses. BVM specialist systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure their reliability in extreme conditions, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation when it matters most.

Specialist Systems for Hazardous Environments

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ATEX and C1D2 Certified Panel PCs

In certain industries, there is always the risk of an incendiary reaction due to the high potential of a volatile atmosphere being present. Three individual factors generally contribute to these probabilities; explosive materials, oxygen and a source of ignition. Explosive materials include flammable gases, mists, vapor and combustible dust.

BVM can provide ruggedized Panel PCs certified to Class 1 / Division 2 and Class 2 / Division 2, IECEx, ATEX Zone 2 – and Zone 22 approved.

APLEX AEx Series. ATEX Certified Panel PCs
Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs
Winmate M Series C1D2 Certified Panel Pcs
Aplex AEx Series: ATEX Zone 22 Certification

Harsh Environment ATEX Panel PC
Harsh Environment Solutions - Harsh Environment Panel PC

Rugged Panel PCs

Ruggedized or Harsh Environment Panel PCs are typically used where Wide Temperature diversity is needed in operation (-40°C to +85°C) and/or where the supply of input voltage can vary or be erratic; ruggedized panel PCs typically can accept 9V-36V DC in. BVM can provide 7″ to 24″ TFT display solutions with projected capacitive or resistive touch input – and screen readability enhancement features such as high bright LED backlighting, optical bonding and anti-glare or anti-reflecting coatings.

IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs

Waterproof, Stainless Steel Panel PCs with an Anti-Corrosion design for use in Harsh and Aggressive Environments where water, dust and dirt are present. The main benefit of these Stainless Steel Waterproof Panel PCs is that their touch-screens are resistive and fully sealed to an IP66 rating, which make them highly suited for use in food preparation areas.

Stainless Steel Panel PCs and HMIs
Full IP66 IP69K Stainless Panel PC with Cable Gland Solution
Stainless Steel Touchscreen Monitors: Rugged IP65/66 Design
Waterproof IP66/IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Harsh Environment Solutions - Stainless Steel Panel PCs

Remember, when it comes to specialist systems for hazardous environments, choose BVM for reliability, safety, and efficiency. Let us help you navigate the challenges and optimize your operations in even the most demanding environments.

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