Winmate M Series HMI: Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) Certified Panel Computers

Winmate M Series Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) Certified Panel Computers

Oil rigs and remote pipeline locations are some of the most dangerous and challenging work environments anywhere in the world. Winmate‘s rugged M-Series industrial computers are designed for the challenging environments such as deployment in oil refineries or drilling rigs and come pre-certified with ATEX Zone2 and Class1 Division2 (C1D2) certifications.

Winmate M Series C1D2 Certified Panel Computers

True Flat Display With Edge-to-Edge Design

Easy to maintain and clean, the M-Series glass cover lens provides for protection against scratches and the accumulation of dust and liquid. The true-flat surface also provides for a slim and aesthetically pleasing design that goes beyond that of most industrial based PC’s  with a sleek and ‘edge-to-edge’ design – whilst still combining rugged construction, powerful performance and flexible mounting options.

Fanless Cooling System

Winmate have deployed a well-defined and strict practices around thermal analysis to verify the M-Series IPC series abilities in meeting the challenges of harsh environment applications. With reference to the fanless cooling design, Winmate have developed both a heat-sink and heat-pipe solution to conduct heat and airflow to provide for the best of thermal solutions.

M Series HMI ATEX Fanless
C1D2 Certified Panel Computers for hazardous locations

Certified for Hazardous Locations

Winmate M Series HMIs are pre-certified to ‘C1D2’ (ATEX Zone2 and Class1 Division2) to enable computing performance for remote data collection, process analysation and control within the harshest of  environments.

IP65 Front Protection Against Dust and Water

Winmate’s M-Series are rated to an ingress protection level of IP65 and support water and dust resistance (whilst still retaining a compact, narrow bezel design) for use in wet and dusty environments for Oil and Gas applications.  

IP65 C1D2 Certified Panel Computers
Winmate M Series Class 1 Division 2 Certified Panel Computers

Aluminium Enclosure, Compact, Light Weight Design, Excellent Heat Dissipation

Like the other Winmate series products with IP65 protection, the M-Series also feature a low-power, fanless design for energy efficiency, quiet operation and extended product life to provide for the maximum of up-time.

Winmate M Series
C1D2 Certified Panel PCs

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