Wincomm Rugged Solutions

Wincomm Rugged Solutions
Wide Temperature and Sunlight Readable Panel PCs

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BVM have worked with Wincomm since 2002, technically and commercially supporting their panel PC solutions that are deployed in a range of industrial applications inclusive of harsh & ruggedised environments

Founded in 1993, today the Wincomm Corporation are an ISO14001, ISO9001 & ISO13485 certified company with its headquarters located in Hsinchu, Taiwan – additionally with overseas sales & technical support offices are in USA and Japan.

Wincomm proactively works with worldwide leading system integrators and VARs to aggregate valuable in field ‘know-how’ through its eco chain of partners – which includes BVM Ltd. With this solid base of partnerships, Wincomm design and develop standard and customised solutions via their strong  engineering expertise providing hardware ready platforms to enable various applications.

Why Wincomm Rugged Ready Solutions ?

WLP Series

Wincomm’s industrial-grade panel PC series are built to suit for adaptability, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure both safety and performance. All of the models in the WLP series are sealed to (at least) IP66 standards, offering the best solution for their required environments.

WTP Series

All of the models that consist the Stainless Steel WTP series are sealed to (at least) IP65 standards, and where required, there are system solutions built to IP69K ingress protection to combat and be operable in the most volatile of conditions – even resistant to the most harshest of temperatures (cold & hot) and water ingress (high pressure wash down) environments.

Featuring full flat projective capacitive & resistive touch screen solutions with VESA mounting options, Wincomm industrial panel PCs go beyond that of the standard industrial panel PC computers with stylish design, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options to make the perfect vehicle for machine and process control. The WLP & WTP series are perfectly suited for application deployment in industrial automation, such as food & beverage – and pharmaceutical production including chemical manufacturing – to name but a few.  

Everyday challenges that Wincomm WLP & WTP Series
are designed to meet – and do………

  • Prevention of UV light within sunlight damaging touch screens
  • Prevention of system shut down due to high temperature from sunlight via thermally managed solutions
  • System operation at sub-zero temperatures
  • TFT sunlight readability via LED backlighting to provide for clarity of information during peak sunlight hours
  • Ambient brightness control for day and night running conditions via auto dimming.
  • High humidity (moisture and condensation) and dust ingress protection via certified IP products.
  • 24 hour, 7 days per week operation to promote PC availability and uptime.
  • 24 months standard warranty, extended warranty options  – and longevity of support (5-7 years lifetime availability)


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Whether your PC needs to be operational outdoors, ‘semi’ outdoors – or even indoors but where conditions are still challenging or hostile,
here’s just a selection of applications where the WLP and WTP series panel PC solutions can be and are deployed :-

  • Kiosk / vending machine deployment
  • Factory Automation – process monitoring and control
  • Unattended parking meters
  • Unattended ordering systems
  • Desert solar power stations
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Product Features

Wincomm Rugged 1
CE, VCCI, FCC Class B Certification
Wincomm Rugged 2
100% Waterproof Dustproof IP66/IP69K, NEMA4X
Wincomm Rugged 3
Resistive Touch On/Off for Easy Hygienic Clean
Wincomm Rugged 4
Easy Installation I.O. w/Optional Waterproof Connector
Wincomm Rugged 5
Full Range of LCD Size from 10″, 15″, 19″, 22″, to 23.8″
Wincomm Rugged 6
Intel® Core™, Atom® Various Platform for Selection
Wincomm Rugged 7
Fanless Design Withstand of Wide Temp -20~60°C Environments
Wincomm Rugged 8
Sunlight Readable Solution Ready
Wincomm Rugged 9
Smart Ventilation Avoid Water Condensation
Wincomm Rugged 10
Downward IO for Easy Installation and Space Saving

Wincomm Key Success Stories

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Semi-outdoor Solutions

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Intelligent Public Transportation
cm 02
i-Government Service

Outdoor Solutions

cm 03
i-Oil Drill Solution
cm 04
Smart Parking

Wincomm WLP and WTP Series
Panel Mount, Resistive Touch, Panel PCs

Rugged Wide Temp High Brightness Touch
Panel PC


Wincomm Products 1

15″/19″/22″ LCD, Skylake/Kaby Lake Core i, Wide Temp High Brightness, Panel Mount Touch Panel PC, CE/FCC/VCCI Class B

Rugged Wide Temp High Brightness Touch
Panel PC


Wincomm Products 2

10″/15″ LCD, Atom Quad Core E3845, Wide Temp High Brightness, Panel Mount Touch Panel PC, CE/FCC/VCCI Class B

Full IP Wide Temp Stainless Steel
Panel PC


Wincomm Products 3

10″/15″/19″ LCD, Atom Quad Core E3845, Six Side IP66/IP69K, Wide Temp, Stainless Panel PC, CE/FCC/VCCI Class B

Full IP Wide Temp Stainless Steel
Panel PC


Wincomm Products 4

15″/19″/22″/24″ LCD, Skylake/Kaby Lake Core i, Six Side IP66/IP69K, Wide Temp, Stainless Panel PC, CE/FCC/VCCI Class B

ATEX C1D2 Explosion Proof
Panel PC


Wincomm Products 5

15″/19″/22″ LCD, Skylake Core i, Six Side IP66/IP69K, Wide Temp, Stainless Steel Panel PC, C1D2/ATEX Zone II/IECEx, 2 x Hot Swappable COM/USB Ports

Full IP – Wide Temp 1000 nits
Panel PC


Wincomm Products 6

15″ LCD, Atom Quad Core E3845, Six Side IP66/IP69K, Wide Temp High Brightness, Rugged Touch Panel PC, CE/FCC/VCCI Class B

Wincomm Stainless Steel Smart Hygiene Solutions

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services

  • BVM have a portfolio of standard (‘off the shelf’) industrial PC or embedded PC product solutions (motherboards, panel PC’s, system PC’s) to provide for a wide variety of application uses and needs.
  • Where something a little more specialised is needed, please consider BVM’s bespoke custom designed solution services where we provide configured systems with memory, storage and optimised embedded operating systems. And if you need further advice around a system that’ll  meets your specific requirements, then speak with our in house design team who will talk to you around designing your product from ground up; concept, design, development and production.

We like to make life easier ….

Our technical & commercial team members will always provide you with valuable but impartial advice around the products and services that BVM supplies. With their collective backgrounds, they’ll provide you with the benefit of their knowledge and experiences when & where you need it. We’ll always help you in the first instance and get back to you when additional information is required.

You can either call us directly on +(0) 1489 780 144 and talk to one of the team – or E-mail us at – or use the contact form on our website

BVM Design and Manufacturing Services: The manufacturer behind the solutions you know

When a standard embedded design won’t suffice for what you need, you can always turn to BVM for help and use our custom design and manufacturing services.