Mini-ITX Motherboards

Long Life Industrial and Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboards. A Mini-ITX Motherboard is a solution that offers performance with low power and long-life availability. Mini-ITX is a specification for a motherboard measuring 170 x 170 mm with a conventional I/O shield as used on larger scale motherboards.

Tiger Lake SBCs From Commell
AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000 to Power the Edge
What is a Mini-ITX Motherboard?

  • AMD Ryzen

    AMD Ryzen (14)

    The AMD Ryzen Embedded processor family brings together the breakthrough performance of the pioneering AMD “Zen” CPU and “Vega” GPU architectures in a seamlessly-integrated SoC solution that sets a new standard in processing power for next-generation embedded designs.   Ryzen Embedded is a family of 64-bit multi-core x86 embedded microprocessors are primarily aimed at medical imaging, industrial systems, digital gaming and thin clients. • V1000R1000V2000Ryzen Embedded Media Archives
  • Intel Tiger Lake

    Intel Tiger Lake (6)

    11th Generation Intel iCore processors deliver a balance of performance and responsiveness in a low-power platform built on Intel's third-generation 10nm process technology. The platform combines a high-performance CPU, with new Intel Iris Xe graphics. The platform offers up to 2.95 times faster graphics performance.  Engineered to deliver for IoT markets, these processors can support low-latency and time-sensitive applications, and have the power to run multiple workloads including AI and deep learning applications on a single platform.
  • Intel Comet lake-S

    Intel Comet lake-S (15)

    10th Generation Intel iCore processors for IoT applications give you choice, flexibility, and performance at the edge. They provide a flexible platform for designing intelligent devices.   All Intel IoT CPUs offer long-life availability, embedded use conditions, and support for Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, Intel Media SDK and select processors support Intel vPro Platform features. Ranging from 4 to 10 cores, with increased I/O capacity and the latest DDR4 memory support, these processors deliver the performance required to consolidate multiple workloads.
  • Intel ElkHart Lake

    Intel ElkHart Lake (2)

    To support the next generation of IoT edge devices, Intel has developed a new line of processors enhanced for IoT—The Intel Atom x6000E Series, Intel Pentium, and Intel Celeron N and J Series processors. These processors build on new levels of CPU, and graphics performances with integrated IoT features, real-time performance, manageability, security, and functional safety.
  • Intel Coffee Lake

    Intel Coffee Lake (15)

    8th and 9th Generation Intel iCore, Pentium and Celeron processor families. The first 6-core processors for performance-demanding applications.   These processors offer thermal design power (TDP) options of 65W and 35W to fit specific designs configurations with performance and low-power requirements. The S-series processors are ideally suited for applications like gaming, content creation, virtual reality, transactional retail terminals, digital security systems, and health care.
  • Intel Whiskey Lake

    Intel Whiskey Lake (6)

    8th Generation Intel iCore U-Series processors for IoT applications are feature rich delivering high performance per watt.   All Intel IoT processors offer long-life availability, embedded use conditions, Intel vPro technology features ranging from 4 to 2 cores, increased I/O capacity, support for Intel Optane memory and the latest DDR4-2400 memory. Software optimized tools such as the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit and Intel System Studio accelerates the development of vision applications like facial recognition, people counting, and object detection.
  • Intel Skylake / Kabylake

    Intel Skylake / Kabylake (12)

    6th and 7th generation Intel iCore and Intel Celerons processor families feature ultra-low-power, 64-bit multi-core processors built on Intel’s optimized 14 nm technology.   The U-series of processors offer thermal design power (TDP) options of 15W with the flexibility of 25W cTDP up and 8.5W cTDP down, for an exceptional balance of power and performance. They are ideal for small, energy-efficient designs including digital signage, point-of-sale terminals, and medical tablets.
  • Intel Apollo Lake

    Intel Apollo Lake (6)

    Intel Atom Processor E3900 Series, and Intel Pentium and Celeron Processor N- and J-Series.   The Intel Atom processor E3900 series, Intel Celeron processor N3350, and Intel Pentium processor N4200 platform, formerly Apollo Lake, empowers real-time computing in digital surveillance, new in-vehicle experiences, advancements in industrial and office automation, new solutions for retail and medical, and more. These processors are based on the Goldmont architecture, utilizing Intel’s industry-leading 14 nm process technology.
  • All Mini-ITX Motherboards

    All Mini-ITX Motherboards (111)

    Mini-ITX: Long Life Industrial and Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboards.