Dascom Mobile Thermal Printers: Enhance Efficiency and Reliability

Dascom Mobile Thermal Printers: Enhance Efficiency and Reliability

Discover the Versatility of Dascom Mobile Thermal Printers

Experience the power of innovation and reliability with Dascom mobile thermal printers. Designed to meet the demands of a number of different industries, Dascom thermal printers offer robust performance and a wide range of features to streamline your printing tasks. Whether you require barcode labels, invoices or any other form of accompanying documents, Dascom has the right printer solution to match your application.

Production & Logistics, Transportation, Education and Healthcare

  • Production & Logistics: Efficiency is crucial in the fast-paced world of production and logistics. Dascom mobile thermal printers excel in delivering high-quality barcode labels, product tags and shipping labels to ensure accurate tracking. With long-lasting battery life, reliable performance and connectivity options via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Dascom thermal printers are the ideal choice for optimising productivity in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centres.
  • Transportation: In transportation related industries, reliable documentation is essential for compliance and efficient operations. Dascom mobile thermal printers provide on-the-go printing solutions for a variety of applications, including delivery receipts, tickets and vehicle inspection. With their high-speed signature printing, extensive font and graphic capabilities and rugged design, these printers are perfectly suited for use in-vehicle, trains, airports and any other type transportation application.
  • Education: From administrative tasks to classroom management, education professionals rely on efficient printing solutions. Dascom mobile thermal printers offer the convenience of portable printing for educational institutions. Whether it’s printing student ID’s, grade reports or event ticketing, Dascom thermal printers ensure reliable performance and fast  printing cycles allowing staff to focus on their core day to day responsibilities.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare demands accuracy and reliability regarding IT support. Dascom mobile thermal printers provide print solutions for a variety of healthcare type applications – including patient wristbands, prescription labels and medical records – to name but a few. With their durable construction and easy-to-read control interfaces,  Dascom mobile thermal printers simplify printing tasks, improve workflow efficiencies and ensure accurate documentation in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Explore Dascom Mobile Thermal Printer Series

  • DP-230L 3″ Mobile Printer: Enjoy efficient and fast printing with the DP-230L, an 80 mm thermal mobile printer. With its long battery life, reliable performance and Bluetooth & Wi-Fi compatibility, this printer is perfect for on-the-go printing needs. The OLED display screen provides the DP-230L printer with functionality – and clarity during operation and its monitoring.
  • DP-530 3″ Mobile Printer: High-speed signature printing and exceptional font and graphic capabilities are the DP-530 mobile printer’s main attributes. Designed for print tasks such as producing receipts and labels, the DP-530 allows you to focus on your work without having to worry about print quality or completion of print cycles.
  • DP-541 4″ Mobile Printer: Built with a rugged design, the DP-541 mobile printer offers high-speed printing and extensive font & graphic capabilities. Whether in-warehouse or on in-vehicle, the DP-541 delivers reliable performance for any type of demanding environment.
  • DP-581 8″ In Vehicle Printer: Designed for professional A4 document printing, the DP-581 boasts a wide range of functions and has an easy-to-read control interface. Its robust construction and simple drop-in paper loading make it an excellent choice for in-vehicle printing needs. From printing invoices through to circuit diagrams – or any other type of document whilst on the move, the DP-581 ensures pin-sharp, professional-quality prints.
  • Dascom DP-80 8″ In Vehicle Printer: The DP-80 series printers are the epitome of reliability, compactness and innovation in thermal printing. With dual serrated tear edges for clean and crisp tear-off, these printers are perfect for in-vehicle printing applications.

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Whether you’re in production and logistics, transport, education, healthcare or any other industry, Dascom’s mobile thermal printers deliver outstanding performance, reliability and versatility.

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