DASCOM 4″ Mobile Printer DP-541

• Dascom – DP-541 Mobile Printer | Thermal Printers
• Whether in the warehouse, at distribution or in branch operations – rugged design and performance that you can rely on.



Mobile Printer DP-541

Technology Direct thermal
Print speed up to 127 mm/sec.
Resolution 203 dpi
Interfaces 1x USB
Optional Bluetooth or WiFi
Emulations ESC/POS, EPL, ZPL,
PostScript, O’Neil, Printek
Print width 72 mm


Whether in the warehouse, during distribution or in the branch business – its rugged design makes the DP-541 a printer you can rely on. Thanks to its high printing speed, large label or document print jobs can also be processed quickly, which in turn helps improve workplace productivity.

Equipped with a latest generation controller board, various emulations such as ZPL or PostScript can be processed.

Highlights at a glance

  • Easy-to-read control panel
  • Simple drop-in paper loading
  • High-speed signature printing and extensive font and graphic capabilities
  • Popular printer emulations provide compatibility
  • For labels and receipts
  • IP54 per IEC
  • 12/24V vehicle battery cable and 12V cigarette style charger available


  • DP-541 model with USB interface
  • DP-541 BT model with Bluetooth interface
  • DP-541 WiFi model with WiFi interface

Models, options and consumables

Model overview

  • Tally Dascom DP-541 (Part-No. 28.918.6235)
  • Tally Dascom DP-541 BT Bluetooth interface (Part-No. 28.918.6391)
  • Tally Dascom DP-541 WiFi W-LAN interface (Part-No. 28.918.6419)


  • USB cable (Part-No. 093 686)
  • Shoulder carrying strap (Part-No. 092 886)
  • Spacer (Part-No. 099 640)
  • Mount 3″ arm (Part-No. 093 297 )
  • Mount 5,25″ arm (Part-No. 093 301)
  • Mount 3″ arm with Schelle (Part-No. 093 302)
  • Direct mount bracket (Part-No. 093 304)
  • Direct mount bracket with ball (RAM Mount Typ B) (Part-No.093 305)
  • DC converter cable unterminated (12/24 V)1 (Part-No.093 641)
  • In-vehicle adapter for cigarette lighter (12 V) (Part-No.093 445)
  • In-vehicle adapter for cigarette lighter (12/24 V) (Part-No.093 446)
  • AC adapter charge & print (220 V)1 (Part-No.093 633)
  • Battery (Part-No.099 637)
  • 1 bay charger (Part-No.043 008)
  • 2 bay charger (Part-No.043 009)


  • Thermal paper Standard (Part-No.043 157)
  • Thermal paper Premium 10 years (Part-No.043 158)



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